East Grinstead, West Sussex

Parent Forum

We aim for our Parent Forum to meet regularly throughout the year.



The objective of the St. Mary’s CE Primary School Parent Forum is to facilitate positive and effective two-way communication between parents and the school, providing a channel for communication, feedback and suggestions for improvement.


The Parent Forum is a group of parent representatives who will meet once a half term. Although the Parent Forum is not a decision making body, it has the opportunity to influence decisions through open dialogue with the school. Agenda items can be suggested by parents and by the school.


The Forum will be developed specifically to:-

  • promote the partnership between school staff, its pupils and its parents/carers
  • develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils
  • identify and represent the views of the parents on matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils


Your parent forum reps are:

Class R: Deepti Sharma

Class 1: Sue Caccavone

Class 2: Laura Stuart

Class 3: Tina Field

Class 4:Vicki Campbell

Class 5: Deepti Sharma

Class 6: Suzanne Currie



Our latest meeting was in March.

We discussed communication.

Please see below a chart showing how we aim to communicate with you as agreed by staff and members of the forum.


We shall meet again in the Summer - it is suggested we look at ways in which we can support fund raising.