East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 2

Welcome to Year 2!

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Oh the Places You'll Go!

Spellings given Friday 15/3/19

Homophones for all groups

their there

know no

write right

to too

week weak

Using drama to help us understand the story

World Book Day!

Sports Crew Circuit 8.3.19

Spellings week beginning 4/2/19


Dr Clark's group

buy bought said you of straight magic afraid shopping beginning


Mrs Norman and Mrs Oulton's group

over who one watch does ground ground house garden little


Mrs Wooding's and Mrs Corner's group

there children so little just home stone slope rude flute

Following on from what we learnt about insulators last week, this week we looked at why penguins form 'huddles'.

Penguin Huddle

The way we teach multiplication 'groups of' and division 'sharing equally between' is shown below. If you would like to practise this at home please use the language that we are using at school to help support the children's growing understanding.  We encourage the children to either use physical things like counters, coins or beads, or they can draw what they are doing as this helps them to see what is happening.

Spellings given on 17/1/19

These are the words we will be using next week in our English.  Please practise reading and writing these in sentences at home.


Dr Clark's group

mother, come, water, one, want, gnaw, know, knee, knew, knife


Mrs Oulton and Mrs Norman's group

could, there, all, they, any, gnaw, know, knee, knew, knife


Mrs Wooding's group

went, said, come, out, it's, clean, dream, mean, coin, voice


Mrs Corner's group

a, is, dad, him, but

Spellings given Friday 11/1/19


Dr Clark's group

many could through are said saw shadow angry strange teeth


Mrs Oulton and Mrs Norman's group

any other one there were horse chance animal across morning


Mrs Wooding's group

my with too was her hair flair girl bird third


Red Group

cat pin hat mat cat cot dog sat pat hot


Please practise reading these words and writing them in sentences.  How interesting can you make your sentence?

Understanding Christianity Display - PRAYER

Week 11

For the last few weeks we have been looking at adding and taking away (to support the children we are only using this language in year 2).  We have been using the straws and blocks to help see how these two processes work. 

This week we have been using the bar method (as drawn on the week 5 Maths Learning Wall) to answer word problems.  I have put some of these word problems below for you to look at at home if you would like to.  

If you would like to extend your child's learning then you could change the problems making it a repeated adding or taking away problem eg Dr Clark has 11 sweets. Mrs Norman gives her 4 and Mrs Corner gives her 7.  How many sweets does she now have?  We are mostly on numbers under 50 and are not going over 100.

The Junior Governors did a great job of presenting the wreath and garden of remembrance in the Remembrance service.

Week 5 Maths Learning Wall

The Learning Wall us used during the week to remind the children what we are learning this week in Number.  I also add on some of the Maths language that we use so that you can use this same language at home to support the children.


If you have any questions, please ask.

Words for Reading and Spelling Week 6 

Blue group

would, want, their, watch, some, know, choose, upset, agreed, important.


Yellow group

you, said, they, their, was, bread, began, singing, jumped, pushed.


Pink group

all, me, you, said, the, be, her, he, call, want.


Red group

pick, that, sock, vest, mess, six, long, pink, red, snap

Spelling words for Week 5 (1/10/18)

If your child can happily read and spell these words then why not collect 5 adjectives from the book they are reading to add to their writing this week.

Blue group with Dr Clark

could, there, all, they, any, wrong, fairy, children, beginning, frighten.


Yellow group with Mrs Norman and Mrs Oulton

small, what, was, said, their, when, wrong, kitchen, little, bigger.


Pink group Mrs Wooding

all, me, you, said, the, be, her, he, call, want.


Red group Mrs Corner

I, of, my, got, dish, pot, jam, leg, chin.

Pear Crumble Haiku


Crunchy, scrumptious , sweet,

Delicious, fresh, hot crumble,

Harvest thank you God.


Making Pear Crumble mmmmm

The Stunning Start to our topic was a treasure hunt