East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

The Tiger came to Tea!



This week we have been learning about Tigers. We invited one to Tea, we used our magnifying glasses to investigate some footprints. We found out what Tigers like to eat, and we had a Tea party!  Maybe you could do this at home?

Hunting for the Tiger.



Dear Class R,


Some of us are back at school this week and we have been happy to see our friends and get back to our learning. We are doing a Topic on Animals and we are looking at Jungle animals this week. We have made our own books and cut out pictures of animals we like and written sentences about them. 

In Maths we are learning to count in groups of Ten. Here is a video to help you this is the song we are learning. Maybe you could sing at home.


We all hpe to see you back at school soon. 


Love from Mrs Sunshine and Mrs Thomas

Our Topic this term is all about Animals. We miss those of you who have not come back yet. We hope to see you all soon. We have been looking at the book "Walking through the Jungle" this week

May 30


Good Morning Class R and your families,


So I am very excited that I might be seeing you all soon. As you know some things will be a little bit different and we will be in 2 groups, one with Mrs Thomas and one with me. I have tried to put you with at least some of your friends. It will be nice to see each other again and I hope you will help me to keep you all safe by following some of the new rules. 


Here is a link about that naughty virus that you can look at and chat with your parents. 


You dont need to bring a bag or book bag to school and no soft toys. But make sure you have a water bottle and put suncream on in the morning. We will be doing lots of out door learning and so maybe a hat would be good too. You can wear clothes for PE if you want. Especially wear good pe shoes. 


 If you are not yet comingback to school p;ease carry on with some home learning from Twinkl.


Oh I forgot to say, I saw your video that you made and it was so wonderful to see your angel faces.  It really made me smile! So looking forward to seeing you all and dont worry about anything!!


Best hugs

Mrs Sunshine

May 18th

Good Morning Class R and your fantastic parents,


Firstly I want you to say a great BIG THANKYOU to your mums and dads for helping you and  supporting you at home and a big Thankyou from me. I know by now it is probably feeling like a long time you have had to stay home but hopefully we can see you at school soon. Until then, if you do nothing else, please please practice your reading. The Oxford Owl websiite is offering free books and activities to read online. Details below.


Oxford Owl

OUP are offering:

  • 72 free eBooks matched to Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks
  • 62 Speed Sounds practice sheets
  • 28 Ditty practice sheets
  • Parent information booklets
  • 8 Speedy Green Words slideshows

These will be added over the coming days/weeks to the At Home section of Oxford Owl for parents (so no subscription needed). 

Please make sure your parents know this!


Here is a Facebook page you might enjoy with Arty activities


Also check out for interesting things to do at home.


Sending you a great big virtual HUG.

Love Mrs Sunshine and Mrs Thomas


May 11th 2020


Dear Class R,

I know it has been a long time since we have all seen each other and you must be missing school and your friends. I am missing you all lots but maybe I will get to see you in June. I have been doing lots of painting at home and doing some yoga as well! I hope you are all exercising and keeping strong and healthy. I am sending you some ideas to help with your learning at home. Please keep on reading!! and drawing, and writing, and counting!! And being generally fabulous!!  Stay good and sweet as you are.


Love from Mrs Sunshine and Mrs Thomas!


  Check out this websote for Maths every day. It is lots of fun! 


 May 4th

Dear Class R,

I hope you are all well. In case you didnt know there is a new website for home learning. Here is the link


It has lots of ideas for learning at home. If it is too easy for you look at the Year 1 curriculum! Meanwhile please keep on with your reading, learn your set 2 phonics sounds, These are here


I will add a printable list for you too. 

Be good, be kind and help your parents as much as you can. Learn to do your Buttons!!

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon I hope!

Take care,

Love Mrs Sunshine

Early Learning Goals

Here are some phonics resources for you.

7 new YouTube Speed Sounds lessons every day on YouTube from Monday 20th April

From Monday 20th April, we are streaming 7 Speed Sounds lessons, including Word Time and Spelling, for children to watch at home every weekday on our YouTube channel.

Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.

Set 1

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds 9.30 am (BST)
  • Set 1 Word Time 9.45 am
  • Set 1 Spelling 10.00 am
Set 2
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.00 am
  • Set 2 Spelling 10.15 am
Set 3
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.30 am
  • Set 3 Spelling 10.45 am

Once each complete set has been shown, we will replay one sound a day per set.

April 20th


Dear Class R,

I hope you are all well and doing your home learning. I am missing you all but I know you must be having a nice time at home, although you probably miss your friends too. I have attached this information which might give you some ideas of things to do at home.


Keep on reading, I know you probably know the school texts we gave you off by heart.

Here is a link for some online books to read. There are lots to choose from for all abilities


For those who want something harder check out bbc bitesize home learning. This is what will be expected in Year 1, so dont worry if its too hard. However it will let you know where we are headed!


There are lots of Maths activities at this white rose hub website


I will also attach a list of the Early learning Goals, which  is what we aim to achieve by the end of Class R. So you can assess what your child needs. This will be assessed by me on your reports at the end of the Summer Term. Hopefully we will be back before then!



Home Learning Portal - We will be updating this almost daily with a recommendation for something that your families and their children can do at home. To start with, we’ve included the Fast Learning home packs, and a set of resources from the charity Family Action. We will be adding some resources that we have adapted from our Learning and Life Skills curriculum, that have some exciting and fun ideas that will continue to develop personal, social and learning skills whilst the children are at home

 Some resources will have a video to explain the resource, others will have word documents and very short presentations to view on screens.

 Please feel free to share this with all your families, and they are very welcome to share it with friends and family beyond your school.

 We have created this resource in FROG, but have found a way to go straight to the portal page. Simply follow this link:


Parents will need to enter a user name and password.

 Username: homelearning

Password: l3arn1ng


Best Wishes to you all

Love Mrs Sunshine


April 13th 2020.


Dear Class R,

I hope you all had a good Easter at home with your families. I am missing all of you in our class R family but I know you are all going to be back at school one day. Until then keep on practising your Reading, writing and Numbers. I want to know all about what you have been learning. Dont forget to make some books about things you are interested in. I have been doing lots of paintings at my home. Here are some ideas for you to make and try at home.  I bet you are all going to be good at cutting out things and using your own ideas to learn new things. Keep busy and enjoy your time at home. Be good and respect your parents!! Most of all Have Fun!

Love from #Mrs Sunshine.

Look how you have grown!



April 6th.


Dear Class R,

I hope you are all well and are looking after your Mums and Dads properly. You can help them with keeping your room tidy, making your bed and learning how to do buttons. It is easier to learn to do big buttons first. 

I really hope you are all practising your reading most days. It does not have to be for long. Dont forget to look at the websites below for some reading games. The more you do it the better you will get. 

Enjoy the sunshine and maybe you can write me a letter or an email. Address it to the school. I would love to hear from you! 

Have a lovely Easter and dont eat toooo much chocolate!

Love from Mrs Sunshine

Dear Class R,


Well your first week is over and I hope your parents are Being strict and making you practice your reading! I hope you are all being little angels too! I have been missing you all and have a few reminders. Sing the days of the week and the months of the year. Find out how many days, weeks months are in one year. Find out your birth date. Count backwards from 20. Writeand draw some number stories. eg, 3 elephants went for a walk then they met a snake and a rabbit so there were 5.   3+2=5 etc


Here is a link for some great art activities which you might like to do at home.


Count how many stairs are in your house, find out how many knives and forks you have. Practice counting in tens and making groups of different amounts.

Most of all stay safe and be good.

Love from Mrs Sunshine



Staying active during isolation- ideas included below!

Dear Parents,


I am sorry to say goodbye for a while but I am hoping you will all be able to carry on with your childrens learning at home. The key is little and often, more than a long stint. If you aim for fifteen minutes practical work such as writing or letter formation daily that would be great. Encourage them to have a reason to write, a list, a letter ( we have links with the residents of Silver Court, so maybe they could write to them) , a story, a plan, about their daily lives, funny silly sentences etc. Try to make it a game rather than a chore. If your child needs to copy that is fine too.  The main thing is not to lose what they already know. We have sent some things home in their learning pack including the sounds from Read write Inc. Check out the Read write Inc website for videos on how to use them. We have also put in some resources as an example from the story Superworm (which you can find on You Tube), with some ideas for writing.


Reading, we have included 3 reading books, get them to learn the red words by heart and the green words by sight by playing fastest finger etc. Try to read daily and get them to read to you as well as you read to them. Read the cereal packets, the milk, the newspaper or magazine headings. etc


In Maths, use objects and make sure they can use 1 to 1 correspondence confidently and accurately. Concrete materials first to add and take away amounts, then number sentences according to ability. Also problem solving using their knowledge of if four horses had to buy shoes how many shoes would they buy ? etc.  Twinkl had lots of worksheets and it is free for all this month.


I have added some Maths worksheets from different websites which you can also look at and print off. However just paper andcil is fine.


Class R are still very young and will engage in their own play so encourage them to use the skills they have learnt to use within their play, Wishing you all the very best and look forward to seeing you in the near future!


Mrs Alfred (Sunshine)

A list of websites and learning games.

Fabulous fairy tales, our Topic is moving on with building the three pigs houses, making bridges for the Billy goats gruff and investigating the number 8!

Once upon a time is our Topic this term. We are learning to retell some traditional tales, act them out and use what we have learnt in our writing. We have made piggy biscuits, and some porridge.

Our Nativity was a great success and the children have gained so much confidence by practicing and performing. We also paid a special visit to a nearby care home and showed it to some of the residents there. They were delighted!

Space has been our theme this week. We have travelled to the moon, made space helmets and found out about some of our planets.

Monsters, Patterns and more. This week we have been looking at patterns and making some too. We have looked at patterns of numbers, on our shoes, on our clothes and around us in nature.

What a busy week we have had. We used the apples from the garden and made apple cake, then ate it! We got changed for PE and used our balancing skills and we have been learning our letter sounds m,a,s,d,t. Now we need to practice writing them!

Here are some pictures from our first two weeks. We have all settled in nicely and been making friends and investigating the classroom.