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Collective Worship

As a Church school, we believe that Collective Worship is an important part of our wider school life. We hold Collective Worship daily at 10:10 am. This is an important aspect of the school day when the whole school can get together and reflect upon our School Values, stories from the Bible and Christian Festivals and key dates in the Church calendar.

On Wednesdays, the children visit St. Mary's Church for Collective Worship and on Thursdays, our Collective Worship is led by KS2 children . On occasions we may have visitors to deliver and share our Worships.

Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from Collective Worship if they wish. Alternative provision for Collective Worship would be discussed with each family.

Hallway Worship Collages

Hallway Worship Collages 1 Creation - Yr 6
Hallway Worship Collages 2 God's Creation - Yr4
Hallway Worship Collages 3 God's Rainbow - Year 2
Hallway Worship Collages 4 God's Wonderful World - Reception
Hallway Worship Collages 5 Hope in Christ - Yr 5
Hallway Worship Collages 6 The Good Samaritan - Yr 3
Hallway Worship Collages 7 The Love of God - R&1
Hallway Worship Collages 8 Understanding Christianity - Yr4

Remembrance in the Church

Remembrance in the Church 1
Remembrance in the Church 2
Picture 1 In the School Hall
Mass with Bishop Martin
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6