East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

We enjoyed playing Maths games with the year 2s

Science and Art week has been a great success. The children have been so creative and really engaged with it. We have done so much new learning and and had lots of fun.

We have traveled to the Caribbean this week. We have sent post cards, made a bakery, learnt a folk song called 'Yellow Bird' and danced the Limbo.

We also investigated floating and sinking... and had a Royal Wedding!

We have travelled to India this week and learned about some of their customs. We drew Rangoli patterns, tasted Indian foods and designed some lovely Indian elephants.

Some lovely rangoli patterns.

We have been learning about Italy this week. We have made suitcases, passports and taken a trip to Pizza Express.

They were delicious. We will write a thank you letter!

We have been learning how to measure using different things. We used blocks, cubes, shoes, rulers and steps.

World Book Day.

Was so much fun

We have been using different materials to find out which is the best bag for Little Red riding hood to take to grandma's house. We have made piggy biscuits (and eaten them) and we have been drawing some horrible Ogres.

Our topic this term is Once upon a Time and we will be learning about different stories and settings and characters. We made some patterned bracelets for Goldilocks this week, some porridge for the Bears and looked at different versions of the story.

This week we have been looking at words that rhyme, and we made smelly jelly. We started a flower shop outside and we learned about anti bullying week and Children in Need.

We have been so busy.

Here we are hard at work. We have painted fire work pictures, made poppies, practiced catching, done PE and learned our special friends letters, nk, ng, x. We are going to practice our letters at home so we get really good!

We made poppies from salt dough and painted them.We learned about why we have poppies to remind us of the soldiers who died in the war.

We have been learning about time this week. What we do at different times of the day and what time we go to bed! We have been reciting and putting actions to our story 'Peace at Last' and we made some clocks to go with it. We have been adding 1 and 2 to our number 10 to make 11 and 12. Letters learnt are ch, sh, w and v. Please practice writing them at home!

Last week of our first half term and we have been making kites, doing yoga, finding out about Autumn and learning about Musical rhythms and patterns.

No wonder we are tired! We have been blending the sounds that we know and putting them together to make words.

We made patterned toast and ate it too.

Its all been about PANTS this week by Nicholas Sharratt. Listening to the rhyming words and designing and painting our own. We have learnt the letters e, h, l, v and f. Please practice at home!

We also looked at PAPER DOLLS by Julia Donaldson and made some of our own dolls. We told stories and had adventures with them too.

We have learnt the letters f, b, u,,k, c, this week. Please practice at home. We are also learning to write our numerals We did PE with our buddies and we have been learning about patterns and designing our own..

More pictures and patterns.

We have been looking at how we are the same and different this week. Practising our letters too. We have aready learnt to recognise the letters m, a, s, t, d, i. Now we need to practice writing them!

We have been learning about "Magical Me" this week and getting to know each other and St Mary's School.