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Class 5

Careers fair


Today year 5 have been busy exploring our school value of hope. As part of the day the children took part in a careers fair, where they could ask our visitors from different careers lots of questions and consider a career that they might be interested in in the future. The children were given to opportunity to explore the careers of the: police, firefighters, musicians, vets, seamstress, aviation, physiotherapy and building surveyors. They have had a fantastic day and have shown great interest in the different careers. 



Year 5 had am amazing day being evacuated. At 9AM, they listened to the Neville Chamberlain's broadcast, informing us that Britain was at war with Germany. We evacuated to the hall, where we took part in lots of different activities, ranging from making and eating spam or corned beef sandwiches (which they loved) singing WW2 songs, reading Anne Frank - along with other WW2 books. They also made gas mask boxes, sketched what they could see from a train window and wrote postcards home to their loved ones. We ended the day with watching Spy Watch with year 6. 

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STEM day


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed having a visit from Thales today. They spoke to us about engineering and the different job roles engineers have in the company. Many of us were excited to find out that they work with plane simulators, satellites, game programming, defense and much, much more! They allowed us to work with mini-robots, creating pathways for them to follow using a coding system. It's fair to say that many of Class 5 are now keen to become engineers!

Newhaven Fort


Year 5 had a fantastic day at Newhaven fort on Friday. They got to take part in an air raid, rifle though WW2 artifacts, explore the fort and let's not forget the gift shop!