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Staying active during isolation!

Home Learning Challenge 03.04.20


Nature Journalists

Keeping a nature journal is a fantastic way to learn about the natural world. It encourages people to ‘slow down’, stop and look at things more closely. 

If you don’t have a notebook, you can use loose paper on a clipboard or a book and clip. You can then staple or sew your pages together once you’ve created a few. You could even use the template provided. (Template above)

As always, once work has been completed, please either take a photo of it or save it on your computer. Then please email it to me through Purplemash - 2email. If you cannot find it, type ‘2email’ into the search bar and it will appear.


1) Observe the world around you


When you start a nature journal, you begin to look at the world with new eyes. Find a ‘secret sitting spot’ in your garden or by your window (if you have binoculars, now would be a great time to use them!). Look for interesting colours, textures, animal and plantlife. Spend time simply observing, then ‘zoom in’ on one particular thing. This could be an animal, a leaf, a tree, a flower – any wildlife or plantlife you can see. What do you notice about the colours, patterns, behaviours?


If you don’t have a garden, take a slow walk next time you go outside for your daily exercise. If you see something like a fallen leaf or a shell or an acorn, you might like to collect it and bring it home with you for closer inspection (gloves are advisable). Otherwise, if you are looking at an animal or trees, you should spend a few moments closely looking at it or maybe even take a photograph.


2) Draw it in detail

Draw what you see. What do you notice about it? Try to capture everything you’ve observed. You may also like to stick in a photograph. If you haven’t seen this excellent video about Austin’s Butterfly and ‘how to look like a scientist’, I would encourage you to watch it before you begin:

3) Annotate your drawing

Make field notes about what you have observed. Be sure to include the date, time and make a note about the weather. Can you annotate your sketch with key descriptive language? What did you notice about the colours, patterns, shapes, sounds? Where did you find it? Did you notice anything about its behaviour? What else can you write down about how the object looks, smells, feels? Label your drawing and make additional observational notes to record what you have seen/discovered.


4) Research

Use nature books, magazines, TV programmes or the internet to research more about what you’ve found. Can you include 5-10 additional facts alongside your illustration and field notes? 

Both the RSPB and the Woodland Trust have excellent resources that you can use to help you identify and label what you observe in nature:


5) Repeat with something new! Then repeat again!

Can you set time aside each day or week to focus on filling your nature journal? You can choose something new each time and add more drawings and observations, facts and artwork. 


Keen to learn more? 

There are plenty of nature-related TV shows and documentaries (Planet Earth and Blue Planet by David Attenborough, Countryfile, Springwatch, Hidden Kingdoms, Disneynature: Wings of Life etc.) that are great for kids, as well as a wide range of fabulous nature and wildlife magazines and books!


Maths problem of the day 03/04/20

Maths problem of the day 03/04/20 1

Home Learning Challenge 02.04.20


Good morning year 5. Today is International Children’s Book day and I’d like you to celebrate with me by re-reading one of your all time favourite books. 


What is the best book that you have ever read? It could be a book that you’ve read recently or it could be an old favourite. Children’s Book Day encourages you to get it out and read it through again, maybe to your parents or siblings. Walk down the paths of memory and think about all the times you heard these tales and what they mean to you.

Was it the soft spoken voice of a grandmother reading you tales of high adventure with the Berenstain Bears? Or maybe Peter Rabbits exploits in Mr. McGregor’s garden were those that made you giggle and laugh as you were regaled with tales of the trouble he got into, the sneeze in the flowerpot, and the scattering of the beautiful buttons from his new jacket.

Children’s Book Day gives you the opportunity to take it out and relive it once again! 

So join me and pick up a copy of one of your favourite books and get reading.

Picture 1
Maths problem of the day 02.04.20
Picture 1

Home learning challenge 01/04/20


Happy April fools day! Today, I’d like you to get creative and learn a little about Pablo Picasso. Below is a PowerPoint that you can download, which gives you information about him and the history and progression of his art. Once you have learnt all about him, I’d like you to have a go at creating your own portrait in the style of Picasso. Some further examples of his portraits are below. Look carefully at how he uses contrasting colours and the position of the features of the face. The portrait can be of you or of someone from your family. Use the ‘changing faces’ document to help your sketch the key facial features in different ways. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Maths problem of the day: 01/04/20

Maths problem of the day: 01/04/20 1

Home Learning Challenge 31.03.20


Good morning year 5. By now, many people have be have been isolating at home for quite a long amount of time, especially the elderly and the vulnerable. For those people, and those who need a morale boost, wouldn't it be nice to give them a message? A reminder that when all this is over, everything will go back to normal and the little things will be so much more appreciated. Therefore, I would like you to write them a message. This could be in any genre you like, a poem, a song, an inspirational speech, use your imaginations! I will then try my best to print them off and send them to our local nursing homes, post them online and get them seen. Remember, they need to be up-lifting, positive and put smiles on faces.

The one thing I ask is that you give your writing the title, 'When all this is over ...'


Happy writing :) I so look forward to seeing your positive messages.



Maths activity


Can you answer the problem of the day questions?



Home learning Challenge 30/03/20


Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to week 2 of home learning. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges so far. Thank you for everyone who is emailing your work over to me, it is lovely to see your hard work first-hand. Please remember to keep working on your My Maths and Purplemash pages, as additional challenges are set on there regularly.


Maths activity


Can you solve the answers to these algebra questions? When you think you have solved it, show your working and email your answers over to me. The answers will be on the website tomorrow.

Home learning challenge 27.03.20


Before I give you your usual daily task, I’d like to show you a lovely idea that I think could be good for you and your family whilst in isolation. Every time that you or a member of your family wish that you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourselves, see someone you love, visit a new place, invite people round etc. write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in a jar. Then, when this is all over, and it will be over at some point, you can work your way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in your lives. Until then, you can enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to.





I saw this absolutely genius idea and I just had to share it! It’s a fun, creative, clever way to inspire creative writing that children (and adults) of all ages will enjoy! Which animals will be on the loose in your house? Write a diary entry about the day a wild animal came to visit.




To start:

  1. Google an animal on your iPhone or iPad. (This will not work on a computer)


Go onto and search for your favourite animal. Google’s incredible Augmented Reality (AR) feature works for most animals, but not all. So, you may need to have a few attempts to find an animal that works. Perhaps try tiger, penguin and bear to get you started.


Once the Google search brings up all of the information and images on your chosen animal, you will need to scroll down the page a little until you see the ‘view in 3D’ option, where you’ll be able to meet a life-sized version up close! Click on it. It will immediately switch to camera view and will ask you to move the camera around a little so it can adjust to the surroundings.


After a few moments, your chosen animal should appear on your screen in your home! Here’s a cheeky penguin interrupting my puzzle time! Pretty AMAZING, right?!



Have fun and play around with different animals until you settle on your favourite. You can take pictures by clicking the button at the bottom and make videos by holding the button down. Remember, the task is to write a diary entry about the day an animal came to visit! Will the animal be friendly? Will you go on an adventure together? Does it make a mess in your home and then leave? I cannot wait to hear all about it.

Home learning challenges 26/03/20


For today's learning, I would like you to write a book review for one of your favourite books that you've read over the past year. Once you have finished, email them to the school office and they will forward them to me, or email me through Purplemash, 2email. The best ones I will type up and put as an official review on Amazon. Remember, Amazon is a big company with an audience of millions, so try to make sure that your review is detailed and clear. 


Things to consider:

What is the book about?

Why did you enjoy it? Was it the style it was written in? The humour? The suspense?

Would you recommend this book and why?

Which audience is it best suited for?





A whole new set of tasks have been added onto My Maths. Well done those of you who are slowly working your way through. For those of you who like challenges, see if you can solve the problem below. How much is the pen? Clue, the answer is not the obvious one! The answer will be on the Class page tomorrow.


Useful resources


Below are a list of websites that are free for children to use whilst schools are closed. You can either scan the QR code or simply visit the website below it. 


Happy learning!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Home learning challenges: 25.03.20


From 1pm - 2pm tomorrow, there will be a live Facebook history lesson on life in Wartime Liverpool - aimed at Primary school age, but relevant for all. The lesson will include a tour around Western Approaches Secret WW2 HQ in Liverpool city centre. The lesson will also discuss the Battle of The Atlantic, the role of Liverpool during the war, rationing, air raids and more. The lessons will be hosted by a fully qualified teacher. Either search on Facebook or click on the link below:





The Literacy shed are offering many free resources to parents who are currently home schooling. Simply follow the link below, it will take you to a range of activities. You can decide whether to look at the reading comprehensions or the other options.

Home learning challenges: 24/03/20



For your English challenge today, I would like you to spend a little bit of time at Edinburgh zoo! As you cannot travel to zoos, you can see what is going on from the comfort of your own home. Simply type Edinburgh zoo live into google and you can look into the enclosures of: Pandas, penguins, koalas and tigers! Alternatively, clock on the link below.



Choose your activity from the options below.

  • Create a fact file/non-chronological report on one of the animals in the zoo. Remember to include lots of key facts, information and pictures to make it interesting.
  • Research one of the animals from the zoo and create an informative poster about the animal. Remember, you need to make people want to read it.
  • Create a leaflet/poster, which persuades people to go to the zoo to see these exotic and exciting animals. 




We have been learning about fractions. So far, you have shown that you can make them equivalent, you can compare and order them and that you can add and subtract them. However, can you solve Bryony's triangle problem? Watch the video, have a go and finally, answer the question!



Bryony's triangle - maths problem

Still image for this video

Keeping active

Please see link below with a "super movers" session to help keep your children active when they are at home. I will add more videos as they are released! 

World Book Day 


For World Book Day, classes 5 and 6 teamed up to explore alternative fairy tales. We began by learning about the history of fairy tales. Did you know that some of their origins can be traced back to over 2000 years ago?!


We explored well-known fairy tales and looked at how they had changed from the original tale. After that, we looked at the traditional tale, 'Cindarella' and its alternative version, 'Ninjarella'. We had so much fun learning how to alter traditional fairy tales to make them more modern, topical or exciting. We spent time creating our own versions and acting them out to each other. After lunch, we spent some time designing our own graphic novels. It was such a fun day and we learnt a lot about fairy tales. 

What lifts you up?


Year 5 have been working hard on their reflective area in class. They decided that they wanted a theme based on the film 'Up'. The idea was to reflect on, 'What lifts you up in life?' We decided that the superficial things are short lived however following your passions, being kind and loving your friends and family have long term benefits! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Yesterday years 5 and 6 had a VERY special delivery ...

WW2 Tea Dance


Thank you to everybody who came and supported years 5 and 6 with their end of topic celebration, our Tea Dance. The children had a wonderful day. They listened to Neville Chamberlain's declaration that the war was over, listened to the King's speech, made rock cakes and took part in many fun themed activities. In the afternoon, we performed our dances to our families, sang some WW2 themed songs and presented the work that we had been creating over the duration of the term. 

Careers fair


Today year 5 have been busy exploring our school value of hope. As part of the day the children took part in a careers fair, where they could ask our visitors from different careers lots of questions and consider a career that they might be interested in in the future. The children were given to opportunity to explore the careers of the: police, firefighters, musicians, vets, seamstress, aviation, physiotherapy and building surveyors. They have had a fantastic day and have shown great interest in the different careers. 



Year 5 had am amazing day being evacuated. At 9AM, they listened to the Neville Chamberlain's broadcast, informing us that Britain was at war with Germany. We evacuated to the hall, where we took part in lots of different activities, ranging from making and eating spam or corned beef sandwiches (which they loved) singing WW2 songs, reading Anne Frank - along with other WW2 books. They also made gas mask boxes, sketched what they could see from a train window and wrote postcards home to their loved ones. We ended the day with watching Spy Watch with year 6. 

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STEM day


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed having a visit from Thales today. They spoke to us about engineering and the different job roles engineers have in the company. Many of us were excited to find out that they work with plane simulators, satellites, game programming, defense and much, much more! They allowed us to work with mini-robots, creating pathways for them to follow using a coding system. It's fair to say that many of Class 5 are now keen to become engineers!

Newhaven Fort


Year 5 had a fantastic day at Newhaven fort on Friday. They got to take part in an air raid, rifle though WW2 artifacts, explore the fort and let's not forget the gift shop!