East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

School trip to Lady land Farm.

We learned lots and had so much fun!

We held lots of baby animals.

May 25th


We have been learning about different materials this week and made some clay pots.

We decorated them beautifully.

We have been learning about animals and their habitats.

We drew pictures of different habitats

May 5th
Our trip to Pizza Express was so much fun and lots of learning was involved. We had to wait patiently for everyone to get their turn, we had to listen to lots of instructions and answer lots of questions about where our ingredients came from. We had to make our pizza dough really big with our fingers and not make any holes. The best bit was eating it all up when we walked back to school. Our teachers were very proud of us for our great behaviour on the day!!

Mini Piazzola training!

March 17th

We have been learning how to do a story map this week. We worked in pairs to tell our stories and illustrate the sequence of events.

Story maps

We have been designing art for our new outside area. Lots of Artists in Class R!!

March 10th
On Pause Day we learned about Noah and the Ark. We split into three groups with an adult and had an 'Ark Off'.  It was lots of fun working together to produce a 3d piece of Art. The final results were outstanding!  

Pause Day.

Reading with buddies on World Book Day.

March 10th


We have been doing lots of learning and counting in tens this week. We used bundles of straws and numicon to help us. 

Number time.

10th February 2017

We have had another busy week in Class R. We have been designing a new playground for our outside area and doing lots of speaking and listening to each other whilst we share our ideas.

Here are some of our designs.

We have been using maths and scoring games in our outdoor area. We made up our own games too.

We have also been learning how to add two amounts together. We used different maths equipment to help us.

We have been doing some Art and Design with our buddies. Look out for our new values dispaly coming soon.

3rd February..

We have been learning about Cinderella this week and having some discussions about Bullying. The class were very good at saying what was and wasn't bullying. We have been doing lots of writing independently and drew some great pictures of castles. We have made crowns and practiced some ballroom dancing.

Kings,and Queens.

We built a zoo. We built a very tall tower! We wrote words on our new whiteboard. Most of all we had fun while we learned.

Talk for writing. Billy Goats Gruff Performance.

Still image for this video
The children have had so much fun learning and performing this story. They amazed me by their memory and confidence. They really entered into the expressions and becoming that BIG BAD TROLL.

27 January 2017

What a fun week its been. We have been learning the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.  Class R have learnt the story almost by heart with actions. They have performed it for their buddies and we will be posting a video soon. We have made 3d masks of the Troll, written lots of descriptions and built our own bridges. Here are some photos.

Don't forget to let us know if you would like a DVD of the Nativity.

Trip trap trip trap.

January 20.

Our story this week has been the three little pigs. We made some houses for them, investigated different materials. We also made some pink pig biscuits, trying to make them look like a piggie face..

In science we had a look inside our pumpkin from Halloween, and talked about why it had lasted so long. We used lots of different vocabulary to show what we were seeing, smelling and cutting. It was good fun.


Yum Yum Yum..

We have been investigating numbers this week. Looking at a hundred square and at how many ways we can make ten with different size blocks.

How many ways can I make ten?

Acted out scenes from our fairy tales. ...with great expression!

We collected special pieces from nature and froze them to see what might happen.

Happy New Year. Our Topic this term is Once upon a Time. We are doing lots of role play, puppets and retelling our favourite stories. We have been looking at characters and settings in different stories and soon we will be making up our own.

making different size beds and chairs was fun.

We have been exercising to see the effect on our bodies and to keep warm!

Buddy yoga and multiskills.

We made porridge and learned about different sizes and capacity.

too hot, too cold, just right!

Week ending November 11th.

 Letters we have learned so far...s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d, r,c,k, h, g, o,e.  Children are doing really well with recognizing and learning to write these letters. Thank you parents for taking the time to practice at home. It is really apparent when they get the help at home to move them forwards.

We have been looking at stories this week and retelling them in our own words. One of them was about a trip to the moon, so we made some rockets from junk modelling. Thanks for all the bits you sent in.

We made and designed some rockets this week.

We drew space ships and rockets outside too.

Some people had to stay at the space center.

Week ending Oct 21st. Half term already!!
We have been ordering and measuring this week. 

Who has the biggest foot?

We also learned about the different parts of the computer in ICT. Then we made models.

Can you name the different parts?

The finished results were great and we all worked as part of a group.

We had the ambulance come to visit last week. It was very informative and we found out what the paramedics do.

It was very exciting!

Week ending 23rd September.

What a busy week again. The fire engine came to visit and we all climbed aboard. We learnt all about what fire men do and the equipment they use.

It was very big!

We made and designed our own hairbands. 

Very creative.

We picked apples from our school garden and made apple cake.


We have had a wonderful first full week in Class R. We have been busy playing hard, making new friends, chatting, singing and getting to know our new class. Here are some photos of what we have been up to.
We dressed up for Roald Dahl Day, and we met our buddies for the first time.

Its been a busy week!

The Buddies were happy to meet their new friends. Don't forget our church service next Friday!

We look forward to having some fun times while our buddies help us with our learning.