East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 2

                Welcome to Year 2!

WB 13.7.20 Thursday and Friday


Hello everyone- we made it!! Last week of term!!

For maths this week I have attached the White Rose Hub sheets if you would like them however I have also put up a Maths Mystery challenge which you may find more fun!! Good luck it is a tricky one but I think you can all be good detectives.

For English, please write a letter to year one telling them all about the fun things from year 2. If your parents can send a few in, I will show them to year one in September.


I wanted to say a big well done to you and your parents. It has been a tricky time and I think you have all been amazing. Enjoy your Summer and have a well-earned rest. Play lots and enjoy time with your family before September. I will really miss you all next year but I am looking forward to seeing you all as Juniors in September.

Take care

Mrs Beach xx

Well done to everyone of you who used your imagination to write your 'Imagine' story.  You used your adjectives and similes very well to bring those stories to life.  I really enjoyed reading your work and I've posted some below for you to enjoy!

Eiryn, Seren and James

Imagine by Bart Vivian read by Dr Clark

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

WB 6.7.20 Thursday and Friday


Hello everyone!

Please find attached below this weeks White Rose Hub sheets and a new topic learning mat. I will also set the next chapter of Daisy and the Memory Box on purple mash. Thank you to everyone who has been completing and submitting them for me to look at.

As always, a reminder that these tasks are optional. Between Dr Clark and I, there a various different options for you to choose what works for you as a family. Keep going everyone, a week and a half left before you can have a well-earned break. Take care. Mrs Beach xx

WB 29.6.20 Thursday and Friday


Hello everyone

Lovely to see lots of your faces on zoom today. Please find below the white rose hub worksheets if you would like some alternative maths to BBC Bitesize. I have set some reading challenges on purple mash and please continue with the topic mat from last week if you have enjoyed some of the activities. Well done everyone- you are doing brilliantly!!

Mrs Beach x

WB 22.06.20 Thursday and Friday


Hello everyone

I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. Please find attached some optional white rose hub maths work and a Topic/English learning mat if you are not enjoying the BBC Bitesize. I will also set the next chapter of Daisy and the Memory Box on Purple Mash.

Please be aware that the school website will be down on Friday for some maintenance so if you are printing worksheets, you will need to do so before 8am Friday.

Take care 

Mrs Beach


Hi all,

Lots of you have now joined the Google Classroom and some of you have had a go at our first task of writing a super sentence.  I can see the work you have done and have put a comment on there for you.  I have now added another writing task for anyone who is not enjoying the BBC bitesize.  

Remember, you don't have to do everything.  We are giving you choices so that you can find something that is the most interesting for you.  I'm sure your parents will be more keen to let you onto the Xbox or PlayStation if you have done some work first!  I look forward to seeing what you write.


WB 15.5.20 Thursday and Friday


Hello everyone

I hope you are well and happy. I have attached some optional Maths and English below for those of you who aren't keen on Bitesize. Dr Clark has set some lovely activities so just choose the ones you fancy!!

As always, I have also set some reading on purple mash. This week is is chapter 2 of 'Daisy and the memory box'.

There are a few activities to complete afterwards. Enjoy xx

Tadpole's Promise

Thank you to those of you who have sent in your Tadpole's Promise story endings.  Here's some for you to look at.  Did they have similar ideas to you?  If you've not sent yours in yet then please do and I'll add some more to the class page.

Archie, Juliet, Matilda

Home Learning 15/6/2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend.  This week continue with your BBC bitesize or if you would like something a little different there is some English that you can print out and work on below.  You'll also find some extra Maths problems.  Remember you don't have to do everything, just make sure you are doing something and send us a piece each week.  There is also a new Science experiment so check that out too!

Have a good week.


Science - Do plants move?

When we were looking at the characteristics of living things we found out that you have to be able to move to be alive.  We know plants can't run or walk but can they do any moving themselves.  I don't mean they can move in the wind.  They have to be able to do it themselves.

Your experiment this week is to do some observations to check this.  If you have a garden with daisies in, take a picture of them in the morning, another one at lunch time and then a final one at bed time.  Make sure you take the photo from the same place each time so you can compare them and see if they have moved.  You could try this on other plants.  If you have an tablet you might be able to set up a time lapse.

Let me know your conclusions - can plants move?

WB 8.6.20 Thursday and Friday


Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a nice week. I have had lots more emails from you and it is lovely to see and hear what you are doing at home- well done. Dr Clark and I are very proud of you all.

Please find some Maths and English OPTIONS below for those of you who aren't keen on the BBC Bitesize. Dr Clark has set some lovely English and Science this week so just pick and choose what you want to do. We are not expecting you to do it all. 

Take care

Mrs Beach x

The Tadpole's Promise read by Dr Clark (Full Story)

Home Learning 8/6/2020

Hello all,

I hope you had a good weekend and didn't get caught in the showers.  We're not used to them anymore!  I've had lots of requests for another story so I've recorded one and you'll find it below.  If you would like to the have a go at the English linked to this story you'll find some instructions at the end of the video, otherwise, keep going with your BBC bitesize.

I'm also putting some other bits and pieces linked to the story that you can have a go at at home.

Please send me or Mrs Beach a piece of English and Maths so we can see how you're getting on.

I look forward to seeing your Tadpole's Promise work!


The Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis read by Dr Clark

Can you cut out and order the changes for a bean and a frog?  Will you organise them into a line or a circle?  Which picture is the start?  Why do you think that?  Can you write a sentence explaining why?  Do you think you could have started somewhere else?

Folded paper butterfly

Maths challenge 6 Beads

W/b 1.6.20- Thursday and Friday


Hi everyone, I hope you had a lovely half term week in the sunshine and spent some great time with your family. I had a nice week with lots of dog walks and spending lots of time in the paddling pool with my daughter.


Please find below some options for maths work this week and a topic/english mat that you can select activities from. I will also set some learning on purple mash as I know some of you like it. Please remember that these are all OPTIONS. Do what works best for you as a family and remember that making those family connections and exploring is great learning too.  Mrs Beach xx



Please use BBC Bitesize if you are enjoying it(link below). If you are not, I have also attached the video links and worksheets for White Rose Hub.

Maths Problems

Three Ball Line Up

Two children are playing with three balls, one blue, one red and one green.

They toss up the balls, which run down a slope so that they land in a row of three.

In how many different ways could the balls land?
How do you know you have found them all?

There is an interactive version here


Lots of Lollies

Frances and Rishi were given a bag of lollies.

They shared them out evenly and had one left over.

Just as they had finished sharing them their friends Kishan, Hayley and Paul came along. They wanted some lollies too so the children shared them out again between all of them. This time they had two lollies left over.

How many lollies could there have been in the bag?


Have a look at how some children are thinking about the problem here


Dear All,

Can I thank you again for the lovely video.  It literally brought a tear to my eye as I realised how much I miss you all!  I’m so glad to see you all doing so well at home.  Together with your parents, you are continuing with some amazing learning.  Please continue to send us updates on what you’ve been up to, especially if you’ve not been in touch so far.

Below there are a few Maths challenges, your next Science experiment as well as some other science experiments you can do at home so please have a look.

I know lots of you have been concerned that the children have been missing out but I came across the following and I think it captures perfectly why you shouldn’t be worried.

Have a wonderful half term and best wishes!



COVID-19 Children - What If? 

When people say their children are going to be ‘behind’ I say, behind what? Not each other - they’re all in the same boat. Only ‘behind’ the age expectations of a curriculum that currently has limited context due to these extraordinary circumstances. In front on so many other more important fronts, I say. 

What if instead of “behind” this group of children is advanced because of this?

What if they have more empathy, they enjoy family connection, they can be more creative and entertain themselves, they love to read, they love to express themselves in writing. 

What if they enjoy the simple things, like their own company and sitting near a window in the quiet? 

What if they notice the birds and the dates the different flowers emerge, and the calming renewal of a gentle rain shower? 

What if this generation is the one to learn to cook, organise their space, do their laundry, and keep a well-run home? 

What if they learn to stretch a pound and to live with less? 

What if they learn to plan shopping trips and meals at home? 

What if they learn the value of eating together as a family and finding the good to share in the small delights of the everyday? 

What if they are the ones to place great value on our teachers and educational professionals, librarians, public servants and the previously invisible essential workers like truck drivers, grocers, cashiers, custodians, logistics, and health care workers and their supporting staff, just to name a few of the millions taking care of us right now while we are sheltered in place? 

What if among these children, a great leader emerges who had the benefit of a slower pace and a simpler life, who has a fine sense of empathy and care and concern for fellow humans. 

What if he or she truly learns what really matters in all of this… 


Thought some of you might be interested in this.  I am certainly going to be watching!





We're excited to announce that the archive recording of our Chichester Festival Youth Theatre production Beauty and the Beast is now available to watch for free on the CFT website. You may think you know the story but director Dale Rooks has a few surprises in store in this brand new version adapted from the original fairy tale by Anna Ledwich (The Butterfly Lion), with music and lyrics by Richard Taylor (Flowers for Mrs Harris).


The production is available on our website for 30 days (until 19 June). Particularly suited to family audiences from ages 7 and up, join us for this magical tale full of enchanting characters, marvellous musical numbers and some deliciously scary moments.


To connect with as many people as possible in our community, this production is captioned for D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences, and has Polish-language captions. An audio introduction helps set the scene for blind and partially sighted audiences.


There's also an activity pack, things to make and a wordsearch available to get creative at home. Please do share your reviews or artwork inspired by the production with us on social media; we hope you enjoy it. 

Science - Do plants have senses?  Can they sense gravity?

We've now looked at what seeds need to germinate.  We've looked at what happens first as seeds start to grow.  If you now take your growing plant and put it on it's side, does it know?  Have a go...

Eggs in Baskets

There are three baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs.

The Brown basket has one more egg in it than the Red basket.

The Red basket has three fewer eggs than the Pink basket.

How many eggs are in each basket?

Find the Difference

Place the numbers 1 to 6 in the circles so that each number is the difference between the two numbers just below it.

Example:   5−2=3

When you have tried this and got more than one answer you could try other things like having four rows of discs and use the numbers 1 to 10.

Heads and Feet

Science experiments for home

21 and 22.5.20 English and Maths Options

For English and Maths this week, please continue with the BBC Bitesize work. If you are not enjoying this, I will provide the white rose hub worksheets below and set some reading challenges on Purple Mash. You can also continue with the rainforest topic work if you wish.

Take care, we are missing you all!!!

White Rose Hub video links:

Mrs Beach x

The Blessing

Have a watch of this.. Recorded in 5 days during 'lockdown' in May 2020, and featuring children from around the world singing a blessing to us all. It's a real heart warmer!

"If At First You Do Not See" read by Dr Clark

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well. Here's a short story I've read for the children. Enjoy!

Home Learning 18/5/20

Good Morning everyone, 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are excited about the news that schools will be opening again for all primary children soon!  I am really hoping I get to see you all before the end of the Summer term.

This week for English and Maths continue with your BBC bitesize.  I will add some extra problems for those of you who like to challenge yourselves so keep an eye on the class page.

We have been looking at some Science too over the last couple of weeks and I'll discuss that below and explain how to set up your next experiment.

I will  be ringing round everyone I've not heard from recently.  If you've not contacted me or Mrs Beach telling us about your work drop us an email via Purple Mash or the school office.  We love to hear what you've been up to!  Tell us how you've got on with the BBC bitesize but also the other learning, exercise, cooking etc that you've been doing.

Take care,


Science 18/5/2020

What grows first the root, the shoot or do they both grow at the same time?

Make your prediction before you start and think about why you think that.

Then get yourself a plastic water bottle.  Cut off the top and make some holes in the bottom (you will need to get an adult to do this for you).  Fill it with compost soil or even dark paper.  Place a large seed inside the bottle right on the side so you can see it.  Water the seed and watch to see what happens first...

Once growing keep it as you will need it for the next experiment.

Experiment set up

Science - What do seeds need to germinate?

Well done for all of you that had a go at this experiment.  We were testing if seeds needed water, light or both to germinate.


You should have found that seeds with no water or light didn't germinate.  Seeds with just light didn't germinate.  Seeds with only water did germinate.  Seeds with both water and light germinated.  So we now know that seeds only need water to germinate.  Most seeds don't need light and this is because they are mostly underground.

Those of you with super Science observation skills will have noticed that the plants that grew without light didn't look as healthy as those that did have light.  This is because to keep growing plants need both light and water.

Science - Characteristics of living things


Topic/Science/English 14 and 15.5.20

Please see a learning mat below with a range of activities. Sit with an adult and select the activities you would like to do. Please do email me any photos or work you are proud of!

Maths Learning 14.5.20 and 15.5.20

Please continue with BBC Bitesize if you are enjoying it. If you would like to do something different, please watch the White Rose Hub learning videos 

and then complete the corresponding worksheets I have attached below.

Home learning week beginning 11/5/2020

Morning all.  I hope you all managed to celebrate VE day in some way.  There were lots of people out in their front gardens and it was lovely to see and chat to some of them albeit from a distance.  It is also exciting news that schools may start to reopen before we break for the Summer.  Let's hope year 2 gets to come back too!

This week can you continue with the BBC bitesize and email me via Purple Mash or the school office to let me know what you've been up to.  You don't need to send me everything but a couple of photos would be lovely!


VE Day- optional learning activities

English learning for 7th and 8th May


Please choose from the BBC Bitesize activities, the SPAG worksheets I set last week and I have set some more reading work on Purple Mash!


Maths Learning for 7th and 8th May


Please continue with the BBC Bitesize maths lessons on the following website: 


Please also look at the white rose hub teaching videos and worksheets for wb 4.5.20 


Enjoy xx

Home learning Maths, English and SCIENCE

Hi All,

It's the beginning of another week learning at home.  I hope last week you all managed to find something that you enjoy doing to learn about.  Please do email me via Purple Mash or the office with some pictures of what you've done.  Also, I'm very happy to hear from so many of you regarding the Science experiment.  I won't discuss the results with you just yet as I know some of you had ordered seeds and were waiting for them.  This week carry on with a project of your own or use the BBC bitesize programs.  Try to do both some writing and Maths work each day.  The Maths does include some games on Sumdog!  Also, don't forget to do some reading.  You can access some of the reading scheme books via Oxford Owl and for those of you who have signed up for a parent account on Twinkl, they do some lovely reading comprehension.  There is also the library website for those of you who are library members.  My son is particularly enjoying reading all of the spiderman comics that the e-library has.


For Science

this week we are going to do a bit of thinking before we do our next practical experiment.

We are going to be thinking about what is the difference between being alive, dead or never having been alive.  As a scientist we know that things are alive if they can do all of the following 7 things:


Eat, drink

Have babies

Poo (scientific word – excrete)


Sense the outside world (touch, see, smell etc)


Can you make a diagram showing you doing all of these things.  If you can do them all then you are alive.

But…..  Can you do the same for plants?  This is more tricky.  Now parents if your child is not sure, don’t tell them because we are going to do some experiments to find out for ourselves.

Can you write on your diagram if you are alive and if plants are alive.  Remember the plants have to be able to do all 7 things to be scientifically alive…

Take care


Maths Learning for Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May


Please continue with the daily BBC Bitesize lessons for Maths. Please also look at the teaching videos and worksheets on the White Rose Hub website

Click on Week 2 W.B 27.04.2020


If you can, please continue with practical maths as well such as always telling the time, playing shops and looking at adding and subtracting money, measuring and weighing(could be an excuse to bake) and times tables and mental maths.


English Learning for Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May


Thank you to those of you who have replied to my email on Purple Mash. If you can't remember how, just log on and put 2email in the search bar.  You should then be able to select it. I have set some more reading tasks on purple mash. Not many of you are handing in yet, it would be great if a few more of you could have a go and send them over to me! 


Please also find a range of grammar and punctuation worksheets below. These will be for the next 2 weeks and will require some parental help as some of them are new topics.


Finally, well done everyone! You are doing brilliantly and I want to echo Dr Clark's sentiments that the most important thing is that you are happy and healthy and enjoying learning. You can be creative and learn about topics of your choosing as well.

I miss you!

Mrs Beach

Cookie and Biscuit say, "Hello! Don't forget us!"

Home Learning 27th April 2020


Hi Year 2,

I hope you all had a good week last week and a lovely weekend in this beautiful sunshine.  Thank you to everyone who has emailed me via Purple Mash 2email or the school office.  It’s lovely to hear what you have been up to and I will try and reply to everyone as the emails come in.

I was in school this week, which was very quiet without you all there but it was nice to catch up with a couple of our class at least.  It was also a lot of fun teaching children from all of the year groups.  Some of these children I had taught when they were in year 2 and I was very impressed with how much they had matured as learners since then.

This week I suggest that you carry on with the year 2 BBC bitesize programmes as it sounds like these are working well for most of you.  However, I would like to stress that our main objective during these very strange times is that we keep learning.  This is true for me as much as it is for you.  Normally at school we would be constantly assessing the learning of the whole class.  When we do this we are learning about all of you! I then work with the rest of the year 2 team to use this new knowledge to adapt our teaching and curriculum coverage to maximise your learning and enjoyment.  At the moment I can’t do that so I am using my time to learn about things that interest me and aren’t necessarily related to school.  I have just finished a Great Lectures course on Audible about human psychology.  Fascinating! I am now listening to another about conflict resolution.  It is really important that you enjoy the learning you do at home. I spoke to quite a few parents on the phone last week and they were saying that their children weren’t enjoying the work that had been set.  If you aren’t enjoying the BBC bitesize lessons then please have a go at something else.  Some of you have been working through Year 2 learning books whilst others of you have been doing some interesting projects that you have come up with yourselves.  For example Freddie has been doing one on volcanoes.  How exciting is that!  Others of you have been out in the garden growing and learning about seeds and plants.  This is all great stuff!  But as we always discuss when we do free learning in class, have a think about what it is you are learning.  What new connections are you making and which ones are you strengthening by practise?  Writing, planning, researching, time telling, money, adding up how many sweets you can buy with your £1?  How many teeth will you have to loose before the tooth fairy gives you enough money to buy…

So, this week the important focus for your learning is enjoyment.  Remember, I would love to see and or hear about your learning so please do email via Purple Mash or the school office.

Finally, I do have a Science experiment for you (see below and attachments).  We would have done this during the Summer term but most of you will be able to do it at home. 

I look forward to hearing how you get on.

Take care of yourselves,





Can I investigate what seeds need to start growing?

You will need:

Some seeds – any will do

Cotton wool or tissue paper

Egg box or similar small cardboard box or small container for growing the seeds

Foil to block out light

In this experiment you are going to test if you need light, water or both for seeds to start growing.  Now I know you love to learn the proper scientific words so the word for this is germination (ger-min-ai-tion).

You will need to set up four containers with tissue paper in. 

Sprinkle your seeds on top.

Cover 2 of your containers with foil but make sure that water can soak up from the bottom on one.

Put one of your foil pots and one of the none-foil pot in some water and the other two leave dry.

You should now have four pots – see attached sheet for recording your answers.

I would like you to predict which seeds you think will grow and then watch…

You will need to use your scientific observations skills to watch and record what happens.

English/Topic learning Thursday 23rd and 24th April


Please continue with the bbc bitesize learning for this week in English.


I have also set some reading and several activities on Purple Mash. Please read the chapter and complete the activities.


I have also emailed everyone on Purple Mash. Please reply- I would love to hear from you all!


Finally, there is a worksheet on common plants below for you to work on if you wish!

Maths Learning 23rd and 24th April


Please continue with the BBC Bitesize home learning for Thursday and Friday. Be sure to let Dr Clark and I know how it is going.

If you would like some additonal maths, please use the White Rose Hub learning videos and worksheets. The work on length should be revision from the Autumn term. 

Click on Summer Term w/c 20th April


The worksheet for each learning video is next to it. If the children are finding the fraction work tricky, please start with the prior week (labelled week 2) as a recap. Enjoy!!

20th April Home Learning


I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter holiday! The weather has been fantastic and the bluebells are out in force! This week we should have been back to school but unfortunately that’s not going to happen just yet.  Instead we’ll be staying at home and enjoying more time together as families.  As a teacher I’ve found it quite a challenge to move to home learning with my own children so I really respect you all and how resilient, creative and supportive you have been to your children.  Thank you to everyone who has sent in work  via Purplemash 2email or the school office.  It’s been lovely to see what you have been up to.  I encourage you to have a look at the 2email on Purplemash.  It’s very easy to use and I can respond directly to the children.


Moving forward, lots of resources are being put together to support home learning.  Starting from this week, BBC bitesize are releasing daily lessons for English and Maths and also the wider curriculum subjects.  These special programmes will be broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button. From the 20th April onwards, I would like you to visit their website and participate in the lessons.


For more information, please visit


The weekly overview for all year groups for this coming week can be found here:


This is a new way of working for all of us and your feedback is very much appreciated.  Please let me know how you get on by emailing me via Purplemash or via the school office.  The school is open each week day and I will be in school on Wednesday this week.  If I can help in any way then please get in contact.


Even through these difficult times our children are learning how when we pull together, we can overcome huge challenges.


Biscuit and Cookie just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter and let you know they are missing you all!

Easter Holidays

Well done to everyone who has been working hard at home over the last couple of weeks.  The Easter holidays are now with us but it's going to be a little bit different this year.  If you would like to keep some structure to your day with some Maths and English, there are some self contained packs below.  These are completly optional and can be adapted to make them more appropriate or fun for your child.  Any work you have done can be dropped in to the office at school or scanned and email to us.  It would be great to see what you've all been up to!

Have a lovely couple of weeks, whatever you get up to!


DC's diary week 2

Dear Diary,

no school this week which is very odd.  I’m keeping in touch with everyone via Whatsapp but it’s not the same as seeing my friends face to face.

We have a zoom meeting with our neighbours this weekend.  They only live across the road and we used to see them all of the time but we can’t do that at the moment.  We thought we should add some structure to our chat so we all did a quiz.  The adults and children from each family came up with a round each.  It was really fun?

I’ve also spent some time in the garden this week.  Ive noticed a blue tit is building a nest in the box on our neighbour’s house.  It’s very close to us so we might be able to watch the babies grow up.

On one of my walks with emma, we came across some wild garlic.  We collected a handful and have made some wild garlic pesto.  Man is it garlicky!  It’s a good job we’ve got social distanceing!



I think I may have made some mistakes. Can you spot them?  

There's 5 altogether. Remember when we add a suffix, is there a letter I need to swap?  Is there a letter to double or drop?  

Home learning for Thursday 2.4.20 and Friday 3.4.20 




We are still working on reading an analogue clock. Watch the video as a recap before choosing a practice sheet at your level.  

Once you have completed the chilli challenges, please have a go at the problem solving cards. Get an adult to help you with the reading if you are finding it tricky.


Also remember to practise reading the time at different points in the day throughout the week. Time is tricky but you will all get it after a little bit of practice!



We are coming towards the end of our English work on a space book.  Please choose some activities from those listed below.


1. Diary entry

Imagine you are one of the tourists on space that Bob shows round in our class book (Man on the moon). Write a diary entry describing what you see and do there. Remember to include the following to make your writing interesting:

- adjectives

-connectives to add detail to your sentences

-different sentence openers

-adverbs (describe a verb)

-a range of punctuation.


2. Use some clean recycling and make a rocket. Make sure an adult is happy for you to use the recycling for junk modelling first!


3. Research Tim Peake and create a fact file all about him.


4. Use the internet to continue finding out about the planets in our solar system. Can you create a funny rhyme to help you remember the order they occur in space? If an adult can help you, you could also make some mobiles of planets. I have provided some templates below if you would like to use.


5. Space poem

Write a poem in the shape of something you would find in space i.e. a star, planet or rocket. Think about using adjectives to describe what you see. The powerpoint below provides some examples of shape poems.


DC's Diary - Week 1

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s only been a week since the school closed. Life feels like it’s changed dramatically but we’re already getting ourselves into a new routine. I went in to school on Monday and Tuesday this week.  We had less than ten children in so we had them all in one class. We started the day with Jo Wicks which was a lot of fun and then did a bit of Maths and English.  The weather was so nice and sunny, we spent most of the afternoon outside playing with stuff from the PE shed. The children played football, tennis and made obstacle courses.  The school was very quiet with so few children there!

The rest of my week has been at home with the family.  E and H are getting a lot of work set by their teachers which is keeping them very busy. I’m getting some shopping for Barbara – the amazing knitting neighbour, and John so that they don’t have to go out.  It feels very odd just dropping it at their door and coming away without going in for a cup of tea. We’re also doing Jo Wicks at home.  We are all going to be very fit! What crazy exercises will he be getting us to do next?

The best thing about this week has definitely been the weather!  Thank you God for giving us all of this beautiful Spring sunshine.  My vegetable patch is now all ready for new plants and all of the salad crops have been sown. 

I hope the sun keeps shining!



What punctuation can you spot in my diary?  Are you writing one?

Home learning 26th and 27th March



Working on reading an analogue clock looking at o'clock,half past, quarter to and past.


Activity 1

Begin by discussing your day with an adult and writing a timetable. For any significant periods of the day draw an analogue clock with the time of that activity on.  For example-9am Maths, 10am English, 12pm Lunchtime etc.

Please do this a few times throughout the next week and regularly ask your children to look at the clock and tell you the time.


Activity 2

Please find attached some worksheets for o'clock and half past. There is some problem solving at the end for more challenging problems.


Activity 3

When the children have grasped o'clock and half past, they can have a go at quarter to and past as well.


Activity 4

I have set some 2do's on purple mash. There are some for Thursday and some for Friday.



We have been reading a text all about space. Please select some activities from the options below:


Activity 1- Space reading comprehension- worksheets below.


Activity 2- Research the planets of our solar system and create a factfile about what you have learned.


Activity 3- Imagine you have flown in a rocket ship and landed on one of the planets, write a description of what you find there. Remember to use lots of adjectives and connectives to make your sentences interesting as well as a different types of punctuation!


Activity 4- Purple mash.  I have set some reading and a quiz. Please get an adult to help you if you find the reading tricky.

Staying active during isolation!

Home Learning

Home learning packs were sent out today and if your child is unable to attend school, they are ready for collection. We will be updating the website with more home learning activities over the coming weeks too. Please also use the purple mash and sumdog websites but most importantly, enjoy this extra time with your lovely children.

Look after yourselves,

The Year 2 Team


Victorian Toys Workshop

KS1 Cricket Taster Day

World Book Day Fun- 5th March!

Meet the teacher slides

Lewes Castle Trip Jan 2020

Our Family timelines 10.1.19

We had a lot of fun making our Christmas wreaths. We hope you liked them!

Design and Technology Day

Autumn leaf chromatography

We have been learning why we have to brush our teeth.

We have been learning about why we need to wash our hands. We touched some bread before and after washing. Can you tell which is which?

We looked at the apple tree in Autumn. Tasted some apples which were delicious! Then we made apply crumble.

Gruffalo song

Still image for this video
We have been working on the Gruffalo in Literacy and learnt this song to help us with our descriptive writing.