East Grinstead, West Sussex

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child take nuts into school?

No - we are a nut free school in order to safeguard our pupils and staff members who suffer from nut allergies.

Which snacks does my child eat at school?

Pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) will receive fruit as part of a Government-run scheme. The fruit choices are selected by the providers and are usually different each day.

Pupils in Key Stage 2 need to bring in their own healthy snack, for example, fruit, dried raisins, cereal bar - please ensure there are no nuts!


How do I sign up my child for school meals?

Please see the School Meals section.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits then your child may be entitled to free school meals - please see the office for details.

In Reception and Key Stage 1 it is still important to sign up for free school meals if in receipt of certain benefits as the school receives additional funding relating to the numbers entitled which supports teaching and learning.

Will my child get school milk?

The Government provides free milk to children under the age of 5, but parents needs to register their child for the scheme - please see below for the link.

Parents can also register older children for milk, but this must be paid for in advance.

How do I report my child as sick?

Please ring the school office before 9am. Please do not notify us by email since they are often not checked until after registration. We have a dedicated sickness reporting line - please call 01342 323858 and choose option 1.


We would be very grateful if parents with non urgent calls made those after 9.30am. Thank you.

How long must my child be off school following sickness and diarrhoea?

Your child should not return to school until 48 hours have passed since the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

What should I do if my child has nits?

Please notify the school and ensure the infection is treated - your child should continue to attend school.

Will the staff administer medicines to my child?

There is a policy regarding the administration of medication which adheres to strict guidance from the Government and Local Authority - please see our policies page.

What happens if my child feels ill or has a temperature at school?

We will call parents if your child falls ill at school - please ensure we have up to date contact details and a contact if you are not available.

How do I report a suspected incidence of bullying?

All concerns about your child's school life should be discussed with the class teacher initially.

If you do not feel that the class teacher has handled the matter satisfactorily, you may raise it with the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher.

Please do not speak directly to the parents of the child you suspect of bullying.

What does my child need to bring to school when he or she starts in Class R?

Your child should bring a water bottle and St. Mary's book bag. They will need a PE kit. Children in Class R do not need pencils or pencil cases.

It is a good idea to pack a spare pair of socks and spare clothes in your child's PE bag.

Do children at St. Mary's go swimming?

Yes - they go swimming in the summer term of Years 3,4, and 5. the lessons cater to children of all ages and abilities.


What happens with lost property?

Please name all your child's property, including water bottles. If the property is clearly named then we will be able to return it.

There is a lost property box in the entrance hall - un-named items will be placed in there. Each term we will place all items outside on a table prior to emptying the box.

What if I am going to be late collecting my child?

Please phone the office and let us know - if you arrange for a friend to collect your child please let us know as we can not release them unless we have permission.

Does my child have to do their homework?

No - but we recommend homework as a way to get involved in and support their learning and help creativity.

Reading at home is important. We also encourage the children to learn their times tables at home.

My child is struggling at school. What should I do about this?

Talk to your child's class teacher initially. They will be able to advise you.

What happens if my child is late to school?

The blue gates open at 8.40am and children start learning at 8.50am.

Please phone us to advise us that your child is going to be late, then bring them through the front entrance and sign them in. If they arrive before 9.00am they will be registered as late, after this they will be registered as absent.

Can I take my child on holiday during term time?

Any holidays will be considered an unauthorised absence, unless it is for an exceptional circumstance (e.g., a funeral or wedding outside of your control).

You may be fined if you take your child on holiday during term time.

Please ensure you inform the school of any absence.

Do I have to pay my Governor's contribution of £20?

No, but we urge you to do so. As the school is Voluntary Aided the Governors have to pay 10% of any building and computing expenditure. Without these contributions, we are limited in terms of what we can do in terms of repairing the school buildings and investing in computing.

Can my child bring toys, mobile phones and tablets to school?

The school is not responsible for any items brought in by pupils. We advise that mobiles and tablets are not brought into school.

If you wish your child to bring in a mobile phone please discuss with the class teacher.

Can my child bring their scooter or bike to school?

Children may bring scooters and bikes - please help ensure their safety by wearing helmets and not using on school premises - the area in front of school is busy with vehicles and people.

Can my child learn an instrument at St. Mary's?

West Sussex music can arrange music lessons at the school.

Guitar and piano lessons can be organised through Darran Smith - please contact the office for more information.

All Year 4 children have the opportunity to learn an instrument for one term - currently it is the cornet.

When do they do PE?

PE lessons take place twice a week. Please ensure your child has PE kit in school at all times.

If there is a medical reason why your child can not do PE, please send in a note.