East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 Summer term!


The Secret Garden



Multiskills. All thanks to our year 5 crew!

Week 10 DC

Another exciting week with the children working hard on putting connectives into their writing.  When you are reading, look out for the words when, that, if and or to see if they are being used to connect two ideas.  Finding models of this in our reading helps us to use them in our own writing.  It is also a good idea to model this when you're talking.  You could ask questions like, "What was you're favourite part of school today?" 

Then model back to your child, "So your favourite part of school today was when ...."


Enjoy the photos from our Animazing visit.  We talked about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  Would you have been brave enough to hold the snake?

Week 9 DC


Wakehurst here we come!!


The children had a fantastic time on their trip this week.  They were all very excited and really enjoyed the pond dipping, habitat walk and bug safari.  We took our microscope and a laptop so that we could see the pond life close up.  The Wakehurst staff were so impressed they now want to get one of their own!  Thank you to all the adults that came with us.  We couldn't do these trips without your help.


We also had a very interesting item sent in for us to look at under our microscope in class, an old memory chip. We discussed this at length as the children were very interested in how computers work.   


If you have any other interesting objects please do send them in!

Week 8 DC


We had a real treat this week as we were brought in a wasp's nest. This links perfectly to our learning about habitats and minibeasts.  We learnt about the lives of wasps and had a good look at the nest using our new digital microscope.  


We've been looking at times tables this week, checking where the children are so that we can work in some focused groups to move them on.  It would really help your child if you could spend some time at home practising these.


You'll see from the pictures that if you want your child to read more, all you have to do is buy them a beanbag!

Week 7 with DC

Another week of very challenging SATs papers and the children once again did us proud. I have marked all of their papers and I am very pleased with all that they have achieved.


In Science this week, we have assessed our bug hotels and used our connectives to help us explain our thoughts on the best ones. The most exciting news of the week is that the tadpoles have back legs! This is all part of the 'Circle of life' see Elton John. Where do you think the beginning is and can you justify your answer? We have also been discussing whether objects are alive, dead or have never been alive. The discussion regarding my car certainly got us thinking.  Can you think of an interesting object to discuss?


Have a great break!

Week 6 with DC


How proud was I this week! The children impressed all of the teaching staff that supported us with our SATs this week.  The papers where extremely hard and would have challenged my year 4 class last year but the children put their heads down and chugged their way through the pages of text and questions doing their absolute best.  I could have asked no more.


In stark contrast to that, we have also been observing the tadpoles and writing in our tadpole diaries using our connectives.  We also played and observed some foamy soap! Along with this observational Science work we have also been thinking about food chains.  Can you put some of the items in your dinner into a food chain?  Our classroom also now has a flutter of butterflies carefully decorated and fanned.


On Tuesday afternoon, we had a Pause Afternoon looking at Pentecost.  The children used drama and a circle time activity to think about how it feels to be sad and happy, and also why we should share what we have.


In computing, we are continuing on our programming project using Scratch.  You can have a look at using this programming language at home by Googling Scratch. You won't be able to access our files as I am storing these locally at school but you can login and have a play.


Finally, I have made my most exciting order of the year!!  Ask your child and see if they can remember what it is...

Week 5 with DC


Baby You're a Firework!


We've been thinking this week about why we and our classmates are all fireworks.  I hope you all agree that they are all fireworks in their own lovely and special ways. The making of our firework displays was quite a complicated task involving organisation of our work so that we wrote something about each person on our table.  We also used our subordinating conjunctions; when, if, that and because (which it appears Nick Gibb can't do smiley). Finally we drew and cut out stars.  The children sailed through this task and even managed a complete clear up in 15 minutes. A new class record!  

Our final test preparation went really well and next week will be an opportunity for the children to show off how amazing they are!  

Have a really great weekend enjoying this lovely weather.

Baby You're a Firework!

Week 3 with DC

I'm sure that you've already heard but our tadpoles are starting to hatch! I don't know about you but I always find this VERY exciting.  We'll be observing the tadpoles over the whole term and keeping out very own Tadpole Diaries'. Life cycles is part of our Science curriculum this term and as well as tadpoles we'll also be watching the cycle of life in out growing garden.


We have also got our new role play area up and running and had a flutter of butterflies.


This week we've been looking at expanding our noun phrases by saying where an object is as well as describing it.  The beautiful golden sun high in the sky.....

Can you spot any of these phrases in your reading this week? If you can find a verb then it's no longer a phrase so watch out!

In Maths we've been continuing to look at measuring.

Week 2 DC

How lovely to be having PE in the sun!  We love that!


In English we have been looking at the different types of sentences: questions, commands, exclamations and statements.  For us, exclamations have to start with the words what or how.  Can you think of any?  We've been using Little Red Riding Hood to help us. What sharp teeth you've got Grandma!


In Maths we have been learning about measuring. The best way to learn more about this is to do some cooking so get your aprons out and don't hold back!

Week 1 DC

It's the Summer term already and we are merrily creating our own secret garden.  Storm Katie took our class greenhouse and sent it to Never Never Land but have no fear we've already pricked out some more plants which our gardening monitors are hardening off daily.


We have been looking at suffixes this week, in particular -ment and -ness.  

Can you find any of these words in your reading book or do you notice any in your conversations?

We have also been learning to tell the time.  We are getting pretty confident with the quarters and are now working to the nearest 5 minutes.  What time do things happen in your house?

Spring Term

Week 8 with DC

Week 8 already!! Where does the time go?

This week we have been setting up some experiments to look at the best conditions for seed growth.  We will be sharing our discoveries next week.  We have also been planting some flower seeds for our year 2 garden.  

We now have some of our information writing on display.  If there's anything you need to know about gerbil care, look no further!

As part of our editing and improving work, the children are now working to improve a very boring sentence of mine.  They have excelled themselves this week!

We might also have been preparing some special cards for a very special person in our lives... If you hear any complaints about daffodils going missing then it wasn't us...


Week 7 with DC

Quotes from the children about their learning so far this week.

"We've learnt about algorithms." Owen

"If we sit on the carpet and we pay attention, we can learn more." Barnaby

"We have been learning about halves and quarters." Christopher

"We've been learning how to measure with thermometers so when we do the weather, we know how to do it." Callum

"We wrote our postcards with the past tense." Giselle

Week 6 with DC

This week we have been finishing our information pages about gerbils, so if you're thinking about getting your own, the children now know all there is to know!

We have also started some work on fractions.  We've been looking at halves and quarters and the children have shown some really good understanding.

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese new year from class 2 and DC.

Week 5 with DC


" I have learnt how to write my own information text about gerbils." Bailey

"How to sort 2D and 3D shapes. I used more or less than 3 vertices." Logan

"I sorted my shapes using vertices and faces." Victoria

"I have learnt that shapes with 6 sides are hexagons even when they don't look like the ones I know." Lily

"I like playing stuck in the mud outside." Lucinda

Sorting shapes

We have also been recording the weather in our new weather station!


Weather station

Week 4 with DC

We have been having great fun this week learning about shape.

Thank you to all of the children for being so patient with me whilst I have no voice.

Week 2 with DC

What a start to our new topic of 'Turrets and Tiaras'! We have shared the tradition tale of The Little Mermaid and made our own potions.  

Watch out because we may start to grow tails...

Week 1 with DC

"I like sumdog because it's fun," SS.

"I loved PE because we got to do something new like dodge ball," LS.

"Today, we've done P4C. We talked about being helpful and kind," VJ

"Yesterday we used adjectives to describe characters from The Little Mermaid," IM