East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

Friday July 15th.


Another year is almost over. How time flies when you are all having fun!

Here are some photos of our wonderful trip to Ladyland Farm on Wednesday.

All Class R were fantastically behaved and listened really well. Farmer Kate was most impressed.

In the old days they sat on a outside toilet.

We learnt where wool comes from and fed the sheep.

We saw a foal, fed the calves and held baby rabbits too.

Feeding the other kids was fun.

Baby chicks, lunch and tractors.

Thursday June 30th


Here are some pictures from our week in class R. We have been playing and learning hard, revisiting 3d shapes and building block houses. The new hungry caterpillars have arrived and are getting fatter every day. 

Here are some photos from the past week. Happy and busy children!

We built homes for our teddies. We used cubes and cuboids, cones and cylinders.

We played Lion King, we played mums and dads, we played being in a boat, we played making sand cakes. It was hard work!

Wednesday June 22nd.

 Very exciting today as the man from Animazing came to visit.!

We started off with giant cockroaches and stick insects.

Three princesses tried to kiss the toad..... but it didnt turn into a prince!

When it came to holding the snake, the girls were more brave.

Finally the boys got a little more braver...

The skin felt smooth and cool.

A tortoise and hedgehog ended the visit. We had lots of fun.

Friday June 10th


What a lovely end to the week, celebrating the Queen's birthday with the whole school and our lovely Grandparents.

Happy Birthday your Majesty!

Lots of lovely food.

Some lovely hats were made by our parents.

Red White and Blue...

Friday May 27th.


We made bracelets using beads buttons and pipe cleaners. We designed them using lots of colours.

Two different designs from Phoebe.

Harry wrote his name with pegs.

We have been looking at money this week. We have started to recognise the different coins and that they have different values. It is quite a difficult concept when you are only four and five!


We performed our dance in Gold Assembly.

Our Ugly Bug Ball dance.

Remebering all the moves was fun!

Friday May 20th
We also learned about Pentecost and did some human sculptures.

A person who was sad before he got the holy spirit!

Friday May 20th


We have had a visit from the tooth fairy this week!! She told us there was to be a fairy festival in East Grinstead. 

We made a fairy garden inside and outside.

Friday April 29th


This week we have been very busy in Class R. We have been learning about healthy eating and trying lots of fruit and Vegetables. Thank you to all parents who contributed!

We also have been finding out about capacity and beginning to read a scale.

Experimenting with water and fruit

Out trip to Pizza Express was a great success. We all got our Pizziolo Certificates!

Tomato and cheese please!

We learned about the artist Achimboldo and made some pictures too.

We made some funny faces.

Friday April 22nd


We have been doing lots of fact writing about dinosaurs this week. Class R are becoming real writers. 

We have been making books and writing fact files. Some of us drew some great pictures too.

We even had a dinosaur expert come in to give us a talk!

We have also been counting in tens and using lots of small things to help us. We grouped them into tens and then counted up to a hundred! 
We have started a cafe outside and we made some kites.

Lets go fly a kite!

Cup of Tea!

Friday April 15th April

This week we have started our new Topic, "All creatures Great and Small".

We are starting off by learning all about the Dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. We have drawn some big ones on the playground. 


We made a large dinosaur head from boxes.

We also learned about camouflage and used paint and paper to make some collage dinosaurs. Can you see them?

Look carefully for those dinos!

Friday 18th March

This week in Maths we have been learning to take away amounts of lots of different things. Check out ICT games/ for a look at some of the games we have been looking at. 


Here are some of the things we have been up to.

We made Easter basket cakes.

Lots of mixing! Turn taking, Mrs Sunshine will make us write about this next week!

On Friday it was Sport Relief and we had lots of fun! well as raising lots of money for less fortunate children!


Friday 11th March 2016


We have been busy learning in Class R this week. We have been having another week of Superhero activities,  saving a baby from a roof top, designing a car and having a tea party. 

Afternoon Tea anyone?

We have also been doing some very important ordering by size, measuring and recording our findings.

Week of 22nd Feb 2016


Another exciting week in Class R. We have become super heroes!  Lots of drawing our superheroes, designing costumes and acting out all our stories.

We drew some great superhero pictures.  We wrote words that superheroes might use like SPLAT, BIFF, BAM, POW!

Super heroes even have afternoon Tea!

week 6  Feb 12th 2016


A very varied and busy week for class R, we have been learning about keeping safe on the internet, the story of Creation and practicing adding two amounts together and recording it. The children are really coming on with their free writing and are choosing to do it independently. Don't forget to keep practicing your sentences at home over half term!

Learning to negotiate and balance. Important life Skills!

And a Happy St. Valentines Day to you all!

Week 4 29th January 2016

 This week we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have watched videos, told stories, made a big Giant and have been doing our own writing!

We made some decorative pictures using our cutting and sticking skills.

We also did some peaceful meditating, imagining we were on a cloud and climbing our own beanstalks!

We have been busy in Class R this week. We have been doing activities based on Billy Goats Gruff.

Welcome to Class R!


Last week we learned about The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


We have been building bridges, making traps and retelling the story through role play.



In Maths we have been learning to write the teen numbers. "The numbers in the teens start with a ONE".  We have been counting items and sorting them into groups of four and three.

We have also been counting in TENS!!

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) (song for kids about teen numbers)

Numbers in the Teens (They Start with a 1) Purchase this song @ This song was written because I was frustrated with students getting their "teen" numbers mixed up. For example, many kids were writing "61" instead of 16, etc... This song contains a catchy chorus to remember that all teen number start with a 1.