East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


Blackland 2016 Day 2


After a 'long' night's sleep the children were up early and straight in to their preparations for their room inspections.  You'll be pleased to hear that we had a high level of organisation and tidiness so no more excuses at home. You now have proof that they can do it!


Another full day of activities and fun.  Once again it was a joy to watch the children having such a ball. Due to a second booking at Weavers we had to move our luggage.  You'll note in the photos how many of the children helped to carry their class mates' luggage as they struggled over to Finches with their bags.  I was so impressed that I had to take a picture of the muscles!  Enjoy the photos!



Blackland 2016 Day 1


Thankfulness is our focus for this term and we were all full of this as the sun shone down on us today and there wasn't a spot of the forecast rain!  We had a fantastic day full of courage as all the children tackled their fears and rose to the challenges presented to them.  It's been a real pleasure for me to spend the day with them and watch them pull together and support each other, and then share in each other's successes.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow already!

I'm sorry if you've not seen any photos of your child but I spent most of the day with my group of children and so most of my photos are of these children.  More photos of the other two groups will be up shortly but I thought you might like to see mine early as I've not stayed over this year.  Dr Clark.










We have finally managed to discuss the Year 4 web-site as a  class and I promised the children to get it live this evening. Seeing that it has taken so long I shall start by simply pasting some of their comments and putting some random pictures from the year.... you could try and guess who made which comment!

Pharonic hats!

When we made the digestive system and made………

When Louie was a tiger in drama- it was hysterical

Learning about different ages in history


My favourite was art- especially cave art


Getting over Ayo and Bella leaving was difficult.

Learning the violin was fun.


When we did our own Harry Burdick photos


When I acted as the headless man!!!


I enjoyed writing my newspaper article about the chicken invasion!