East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 3

Kew Gardens

Making Rainforest Cookies and then eating them!

Spellings Friday 24th May (To be learnt over half term and first half of first week)

Finding fractions with smarties!



In RE we have been learning about Salvation as our Easter learning. Today, we have made wonderful Easter crosses to demonstrate the hope, happiness and new life that Easter brings through the resurrection of Jesus. We talked about why we chose such bright colours to decorate our cross and why we chose to use a black background. I have asked the children to think about why Christians believe it is important that Jesus rose from the dead and what would have happened if it had all ended on Good Friday! To support our understanding, we also watched extracts from the 'Miracle Maker' animation.


Our Salvation Crosses!

Mummifying oranges!

We have learnt all about rocks and soils in Science. To finish the topic we looked at the different layers in soil and made it out of food. We got to eat it afterwards!