East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 3

Kew Gardens

Making Rainforest Cookies and then eating them!

Spellings Friday 24th May (To be learnt over half term and first half of first week)

Finding fractions with smarties!



In RE we have been learning about Salvation as our Easter learning. Today, we have made wonderful Easter crosses to demonstrate the hope, happiness and new life that Easter brings through the resurrection of Jesus. We talked about why we chose such bright colours to decorate our cross and why we chose to use a black background. I have asked the children to think about why Christians believe it is important that Jesus rose from the dead and what would have happened if it had all ended on Good Friday! To support our understanding, we also watched extracts from the 'Miracle Maker' animation.


Our Salvation Crosses!

Mummifying oranges!

We have learnt all about rocks and soils in Science. To finish the topic we looked at the different layers in soil and made it out of food. We got to eat it afterwards!

Egyptian Cinderella Role Play

Understanding Christianity Display

Class 3 have worked extremely hard this week learning about World War 1 and Remembrance Day. They have written a 'senses' account of the trenches and also a prayer of Remembrance Day. We collected an idea from each child to construct the class prayer that you can see here online. This is the prayer that Edward, Zara and Sophie read so beautifully in church today (next time we need to sort the microphones out!). The children have also created beautiful paintings of poppies, made their own woollen poppy and painted a poppy on a pebble. Everyone has received a sticker on the brain on the wall for hard work! Well done everyone!

Class Remembrance Day Prayer

This afternoon we have become archaeologists and have examined 'poo' to see what Anglo Saxons had in their diet!

Pause Day- Service


There are now 2 main sets of spellings going home depending on your child's spelling ability. This is why you will notice that there are now two spelling lists posted this week. Your child has brought home the spellings that they need to learn. Two spelling lists will now be posted each week in line with what they bring home. Thank you. We can give any further clarification on this at the parents evenings after half term.

Thank you.

Apologies for the spellings only just going up on the webpage. 

Spellings Friday 5th October- Test Friday 12th October

Spellings Friday 28th September - Test Friday 5th October

Skeletons in Science

Butser Ancient Farm trip


All the children in Class 3 are becoming fantastic readers and many are choosing their own books to read. We thought it would be helpful to share with you a couple of lists of suggested books that Year 3 children should be reading. This will ensure that your child's reading can continue to develop and the reading content is suitable! There seem to only be fiction books on these lists so do please vary reading choice with non-fiction as this is highly important!

Friday 21st September Spelling and Times Table Homework

Meet The Teacher Tuesday 25th September

Thank you to those of you who came to the meeting today. It was lovely to see you all and provide a little bit of information about Year 3.

For those of you who were not able to attend, do please feel to meet with either of us if you wish. Do please read the powerpoint and FAQ's first as they may answer any questions you have.

As always, we are more than happy to meet with you should you have any worries, concerns, questions or just want to celebrate some great news about your child!

Year 3 Key Objectives