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Class 6

Wednesday 3rd June



Hello lovelies! It’s the middle of the week already!

Early Morning Maths for today, plus yesterday’s answers:






Today’s maths is Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP) at  and at



I’ve also set you a couple of 2Dos linked to this that should pop up today.


If you would like an extra revision lesson on dividing fractions by integers (you are brilliant at this, so it should be straightforward!) go to Remember to click on Year6 and Wednesday.



For English today, go to for a lesson on story settings and fronted adverbials (DON’T FORGET YOUR COMMAS!)



If you would like another Geography lesson, has an interesting question for you: ‘What impact are humans likely to have on life in the future?’ Remember to click on Year6 and Wednesday.



I’m hoping Steve Backshall will be doing his live Q&A again today at 9.30. Here is the link to his YouTube channel


I came across this nice idea for a not-very-sunny-day, like today. There are so many things I’m looking forward to doing when life becomes normal again. What about you?





Today’s Countdown Challenge:



Did you solve yesterday’s Trickshot? Here is one solution:

9 – 7 = 2

4 x 2 = 8

8 + 1 + 9

9 x 100 = 900

900 + 50 = 950


Can you find today’s Trickshot?


Have a Wonderful Wednesday






Tuesday 2nd June


Good morning poppets! Well done for yesterday’s work.


Early Morning Maths today: yesterday’s answers and today’s questions…..







Remember, you can find this week's Maths  videos at  and at


If you would like an extra Maths revision lesson on multiplying fractions, go to Remember to click on Year6 and Tuesday.


For English today please go to for a lesson on character creation and complex sentences


If you would like a Geography lesson today, has a great lesson on fossil fuels and renewable energy – so important if we are going to preserve our planet.


How are your lunches looking? Do you want to be different with your dinner? Tremendous with your tea?  I have a food challenge for you! Pictures please!






Countdown challenge today:




Looks very straightforward doesn't it! there are at least 3 ways of solving this, and one of them uses every number! (The Trickshot!) Can you find them all?



Have a very lovely Tuesday everyone xxx






Monday 1st June



Good morning cherubs, and welcome to June!


I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and fun half term. Wasn’t the weather amazing? We’ve been treated to some glorious sunshine, haven’t we?!


Please, please, please, if you have any photos of the things you got up to last week, email them to me. I miss you so much, and am desperate to see what you’ve been doing…


Home learning for this week starts here!


Early morning maths for today (answers tomorrow!):



Maths this week is carrying on with Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP). I’ve parentmailed the worksheets and answer sheets to your grown-ups, and you can find the videos at  and at


It’s the same lesson, and the BBC site has some extra resources I think.


If you would like some Fractions revision, there is a lesson on multiplying fractions at Remember to click on Year6 and Monday



Spellings are on PM as usual


English today, please go to for a great lesson on synonyms (words that have the same meaning) and antonyms (words that have the opposite meaning).


If you fancy a History lesson today, you have a couple of choices: has a lesson ‘Who were the Anglo Saxons?’ and has a great lesson on ‘How did the Second World War end?’ Remember to click on Year6 and Monday


Would you like some practical Science? Have a go at this one, and send me some photos!



A Countdown challenge for today:



A word challenge for you : how many smaller words can you make using the letters of the word below (from the y5&6 spelling list). I have 67!




Have a lovely Monday! Missing you. Lots of love xxx


Half Term Week!


Hello cherubs, and a very happy Half-Term to you and your families.

I'm not setting any formal learning this week, as you have all worked so hard, and really deserve a break. But I've found some fun ideas to keep you busy if you would like them.


First things first: Friday's Early Morning Maths answers!



How did you get on with these? 


If you would like some practical Science activities, here is a booklet of ideas:


Do you fancy an art challenge with a difference? No artistic skills required!, just creativity and a camera!


Click on the pdf below for more ideas!

If you have been enjoying the Space to Learn broadcasts, there is another one, live, on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. You can always catch up with it later!

Space to Learn: 'Making a Home in Space' - Astronaut Bill McArthur



Have you been tuning in to Steve Backshall? He has another live Q&A on Wednesday morning at 9.30am on YouTube (I'm having trouble posting the link!)




Perhaps you could cook a lovely meal for your family, or bake something delicious?


Or you could design, make and play your own board game - you are so creative and have such fantastic ideas, I'm sure these would be wonderful.


Maybe you have 'green fingers' and would like to help in the garden - there's lots to do at this time of year, and I'm sure your parents would welcome some help. If you are interested in growing things, and observing them, there's a lovely activity at

Scroll down to Nicola Davies who has a lovely 10-day challenge for you 



Don't forget to keep reading and enjoying wonderful books!


Please, please, please send me lots of lovely photos of all the things you've been doing - I miss you so much, and look forward to hearing from you


Enjoy the sunshine! Lots of love and air hugs from us all xxx







Friday 22nd May


Woo hoo it’s Friday! And it’s half-term next week!


I won’t be setting any lessons next week, but I’ll put some fun activities on here on Monday for you to have a go at if you would like to!


Yesterday’s Early Morning Maths answers, and today’s questions (answers on Monday…don’t lose your work!)






For Maths today, the same challenge is on the White Rose and Bitesize websites. Some of the later questions last week were REALLY tricky!


If you would like and extra lesson, go to for a lesson on problems with circles. Remember to click on Year6 and Friday


For English today I’d like you to go to and scroll down to A.F. Harrold.

He has a really funny challenge for you, and he’s hilarious to listen to! Today's challenge comes from this great book:



Here is the fab poem he has chosen for you! I love it! And I laughed so much watching this! Have fun with this one!!!

Today's Lego challenge


Today's Countdown challenge


Have a wonderful half term everyone, enjoy the sunshine, and look out for some fun activities on Monday 


Missing you all

Lots and lots of love from us all








Thursday 21st May



Good morning, gorgeous people! How’s Thursday so far for you all? It looks like another scorching one today!


Early Morning Maths! How are you all getting on with these? Here are yesterday’s answers, and today’s questions.





And what about Farmer Brown and Farmer Green? Did you solve the puzzle?



If you would like an extra maths lesson today, you can find one at It is lustrating and naming parts of a circle. Remember to click on Year6 and Thursday


For English today, go to for the final part of ‘writing a thank you letter’.


If you are into all things computer gaming, there’s a great lesson at

The WW2 code-cracking activity looks fantastic! Have fun with that!

One of your lovely classmates has set up her own YouTube baking channel. Those muffins look absolutely delicious! Enjoy! You could even try following her recipe! I’m going to try over half term when I have a little more time! I’ll post some pictures! I don't imagine they'll be as good as hers!

How to make raspberry muffins-Carys

Hope you enjoy my first video! Please like and subscribe:)) comment below what video you want me to do nextđź’—

It’s been a strange couple of months, hasn’t it? I’m sure you’ve all had times when you’ve felt great and very positive? But also, if you’re like me, times when you’ve found it really hard, missing your friends, family, and normal life. Here is a little something to cheer you up! Turn up the volume and sing along!

Don't Worry Be Happy | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge


Have a lovely day. Missing you all xxx






Wednesday 20th May



Good morning darlings!


Thank you so much for the fantastic pictures you’ve been sending me of all the things you’ve been doing. It’s so lovely to see how you have been spending your time! Keep them coming – they brighten my day!


I think something might have gone a bit wrong with yesterday’s space show… I couldn’t watch at 2pm, and tried again later, and didn’t get very far. The link to that particular video seems to have disappeared.  

Sorry lovelies


Early Morning Maths: yesterday’s answers and todays problems!






Here is another Maths problem for you (answer tomorrow!)




Today’s White Rose Maths lesson is dividing decimals by integers (remember the same Maths is at every day)

If you would like extra maths today, has a lesson on solving problems with 3D shapes. Remember to click on Year6 and Wednesday.



For English today I’d like you to go to and complete the lesson on letter-writing, putting into practice all those wonderful writing techniques.


If you would like a Science lesson (or two!) you have a lovely choice today: has a lesson on magnets for you

alternatively, has a lesson on the impact of humans on plants and animals. Remember to click on Year6 and Wednesday.


The wonderful Steve Backshall returns for a live Q&A at 9.30 this morning all about change: how baby animals change into adults; metamorphosis; changes in seasons; how our world has changed so much in the last few months. He also has live cameras on swallows nesting, foxes, badgers and the swans. Can’t wait!

Live Q&A, Weds 20th May, 0930 UK time here on YouTube!

I'll be live every Wednesday, 0930 UK time! #SteveBackshallWildlifeChat Post your questions here and on: Facebook: @SteveBackshallOfficial Instagram: @backsh...


Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge



It’s going to be another scorching day, I think!

Enjoy the sunshine xxx





Tuesday 19th May


Hey poppets! It’s Tremendous Tuesday!


Well done for yesterday’s hard work. I think some of you found the ‘multiplying decimals’ activity quite tricky on PM. As I said yesterday, and I think it said on the instructions, wait until you’ve done Wednesday’s lesson to try this one. It might help!


Here are yesterday’s Early Morning Maths answers, and today’s questions:





The optional extra Maths lesson at is on nets of 3D shapes – I always really enjoy that! It’s like a puzzle! Click on Year6 and Tuesday


For English today I’d like you to go to for a lesson on semi-colons. This is the second in a sequence of 4 lessons.


If you would like a Geography lesson today, there is a really interesting lesson on the world’s resources on


If you have been enjoying the Space adventures so far, there is another live session at 2pm called ‘Searching for the secrets of Space’.  If you miss it live, you can always catch up another time.

Space to Learn: 'Searching for the Secrets of Space - Astronaut Greg Johnson

Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge



Fascinating fact:


Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine







Monday 18th May




Good morning lovelies, and welcome to another week! The last one before half term! Wow! I can’t believe that.


Did you manage to see any of the Live from Chester Zoo? I loved the pigs, especially the one with the mad hair! A real ‘punk rocker pig!’

I saw the cheetahs too, and found it really interesting , especially when the keeper was telling us about how hard it is for them to hunt because their speed means they overheat so easily – I hadn’t ever really considered that. I just assumed that their speed must make them really effective.

And the Mountain Chicken Frog? Oh my word! HUGE!!!!!



So are you ready for another wonderful week of lovely learning?

Here are Friday’s Early Morning Maths answers, and today’s questions: how close can you get to that magic 10 minutes? Today’s answers will be here tomorrow




You all did so well on the maths you submitted on PM last week – well done!

I’ve set you all an ongoing Timestables challenge on PM to last as long as you want – hope it works ok. If there’s a problem with it, email me and let me know. 


Your Maths this week is on, and the same lessons appear on every day. I’ve emailed the worksheets and answers to your parents.

there is also a 2Do on PM but you might want to wait until after Wednesday's lesson to do that one.


If you would like some extra maths any day this week, there are some great lessons on shape on Remember to click on Year6 and then the correct day of the week.


Spellings are on PM as usual – well done for all your fantastic work on those again.


For English today, please go to for the first of a sequence of 4 lessons on letter writing: today’s focus is hyperbole ( which is pronounced hi- per-bow-lee, and means using exaggerated statements for effect eg: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse)  metaphor ( eg: the moon was a ghostly galleon) and simile (eg: as playful as a kitten). You will be brilliant at this because you have such amazing imaginations.




If you would like a History lesson ( or two), there is a really interesting lesson on the rise of Anti-Semitism in Germany in the 1930s, in the run-up to WW2. You can find it here: Remember to click on Year6 and Monday. We did talk about this in our topic lessons, and especially when we were learning about Anne Frank, all those months ago.

If you’d like to go back even further in time, to the 1500s, there’s a great lesson on Henry VIII which is on


I love both these eras of History, especially as our lovely town is so linked to, and bears the evidence of, both the Tudors and WW2.


Calling all Scientists! Here’s a challenge for you!



Today’s Lego Challenge:



Today’s Countdown challenge:



Have a wonderful week, everyone, and enjoy the sunshine!


Love from us all xxx




Friday 15th May



Good morning you wonderful people!  Another Friday! How did that come round so quickly?

So…. drumroll…. your SATs results! (How nice is that? Not having to wait until July!) I really hope you enjoyed it, and you’ll have lots of questions to ask the teachers about their ‘fascinating facts’!

Early Morning Maths – yesterday’s answers, and today’s questions (answers on Monday – don’t lose your work!)





Today’s Maths is a set of challenge questions that can be found at and at  (don’t scroll down too far on the Bitesize page, or you’ll see the answers, which would be daft!)


How have you found the Maths on Fractions this week? Hopefully all that amazing work you did at school all those weeks ago has given you the confidence to tackle it again successfully.  Well done for the work you’ve been doing on the PM fractions activities. Some of these are tricky!

Next week we will be revisiting decimals.


If you would like some extra Maths today, you can go to for a another lesson on co-ordinate problems. Click on Year6 and Friday


Did you enjoy ‘bookwandering’ yesterday? I hope you found the activity with Anna James fun.  

For English today, I would like you to go to for a really great lesson on ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’, a little reminder of our Ancient Greeks topic in year 5.



If you are feeling creative today, you could visit for a Music lesson on pulse and rhythm in music. Click on Year6 and Friday

Or, there is a great Art lesson on painting, collage and printmaking at

There is another Virtual Zoo Live day at Chester Zoo today, starting at 10 am. I’m definitely going to tune in for the Mountain Chicken Frogs (I can’t begin to imagine what they look like!) at 10.00am, and the Visayan Warty Pigs at 3pm! I can think of at least one member of our class who would love those! You know who you are!

If you click on the link below the picture, it will take you to the website... scroll down for the YouTube link (for some reason I can't make it link on herefrown)

Today’s Lego challenge



Today’s Countdown Challenge



Have a Fabulous Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!

Lots of love xxx







Thursday 14th May



Good morning poppets! Welcome to the last day of SATs! See, it really wasn't that bad was it?!

So, did you tune into Steve Backshall? And did you guess correctly which creature it was? I was miles off! (No spoilers……you’ll have to watch it to find out!) Lots of really fascinating questions and answers. Did you hear what he said about animals adapting more rapidly than might be expected because of changes and problems on the planet? So interesting.

If you missed it, or would like to see some of Steve’s other fantastic films, click here

Steve answers your questions on Endangered animals, and also shows some super special footage by talented young film maker Toby Nowlan ( of th...

It’s Throwback Thursday! Early Morning Maths, September-style! I’ll post the answers tomorrow!



If you would like some extra Maths today, there is a lesson on solving problems with co-ordinates on  - go to Year6 and Thursday.



For English today, I’d like you to go to and scroll down to Anna James.




Her books ‘Pages and Co’ look absolutely fantastic. Have you come across these before? I might have to invest in these for our classroom!



The review of the first one, Tilly and the Bookwanderers says:


A magical adventure to delight the imagination. A curl-up-on-the-sofa snuggle of a debut from a uniquely talented author.

Eleven year-old Tilly has lived above her grandparents’ bookshop ever since her mother disappeared shortly after she was born. Like the rest of her family, Tilly loves nothing more than to escape into the pages of her favourite stories.

One day Tilly realises that classic children’s characters are appearing in the shop through the magic of ‘book wandering’ – crossing over from the page into real life.

With the help of Anne of Green Gables and Alice in Wonderland. Tilly is determined to solve the mystery of what happened to her mother all those years ago, so she bravely steps into the unknown, unsure of what adventure lies ahead and what dangers she may face….


The second one, ‘Tilly and the Lost Fairytales’ sounds equally good:


Tilly Pages is a bookwanderer; she can travel inside books, and even talk to the characters she meets there. But Tilly’s powers are put to the test when fairytales start leaking book magic and causing havoc . . . On a wintery visit to Paris, Tilly and her best friend Oskar bravely bookwander into the land of fairytales to find that characters are getting lost, stories are all mixed-up, and mysterious plot holes are opening without warning. Can Tilly work out who, or what, is behind the chaos so everyone gets their happily-ever-after?


I love how the first ends with an ellipsis, and the second with a rhetorical question! Clever techniques to make the reader want to know more!


This is an extract from the second book. I think the way the words are laid out on the page is brilliant. It really helps to emphasise the atmosphere and the setting.


Have fun with this!




If you would like another history lesson, there is a follow-up here to Monday’s lesson on WW1 and WW2. Go to Click on Year6 and Thursday.


If you would like a fantastic lesson on Extreme Designs, go to

This looks incredible - a supersonic car that will travel at 1000 miles per hour? Impossible, surely?



Are you feeling creative? If you have some spare cardboard, some masking tape (will work better than sellotape I think, as you can paint over it) and some paint, you could have a go at this!



Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge (these can always be solved, by the way!)



It's a beautiful day, so far! Enjoy the lovely weather, and get ready for the answers to the Lockdown Sats Test tomorrrow!






Wednesday 13th May

On my goodness, did you watch the space link yesterday? Fascinating. If you missed it, go to yesterday’s learning, click on it, and it will play for you. The way they did ‘water art’ by adding food colouring to a droplet of water…

And I had no idea that food could taste so differently in space because of where the water in your body travels to. So much amazing information – almost too much to take in.

If I meet you in space, please don’t burp! I don’t need to know what you had for dinner last night!

I must, however, strongly disagree with one thing he said…..the best job EVER is being a teacher at St. Mary’s. He has clearly never met you lovelies!


If you would like some extra maths today, there is a lesson on reflecting  shapes on go to Year 6 and Wednesday.


For English today I’d like you to go to and do the lesson on writing a debate.


If you would like a science lesson today, you have two choices:  go to go to Year 6 and Wednesday for a really fascinating lesson on which organisms lived during each era of time

0r ……. there is a great lesson about adaptation on

Live Q&A, Weds 13th May, 0930 UK time here on YouTube!

If you’re a fan of Deadly 60, Steve Backshall is live at 9.30am today with a piece of footage of one of the rarest creatures on the planet…… intriguingly, he doesn’t say what it is!! I’m trying to guess!

Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge


Have a very lovely day, everyone xxx

Tuesday 12th March

Good morning cherubs! Well, today would be the Reading Test, which none of us like! How are you getting on with the book emojis and covers? Much nicer, hopefully!


For Early Morning Maths I have put some 2dos on PM – a couple of activities for today and tomorrow


If you would like some extra maths today, there is a lesson on translating shapes on go to Year 6 and Tuesday.


For English today I’d like you to go to and do the lesson on powerful speech writing. Do you remember way back in Yr 5 when you and our last Year 6 looked at the Invictus Games, and Prince Harry’s speeches?

Prince Harry's speech at the opening ceremony of The Invictus Games Toronto 2017

If you would like a reminder, watch this, and see how many of the speech-writing techniques you can spot (look out especially for repetition and the Power of 3!)

Space to Learn: 'To Burp or Not to Burp in Space' - Astronaut Dave Williams

This looks great fun! I'm definitely going to watch this! Just in case I'm ever in space! Live at 2pm, but you can catch up any time!

If you are interested in all things Eco, there is a great lesson about sustainability and plastics on


Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge


Finally, here are some photos of some lovely creations by one of your fabulous classmates, GC!



APOLOGY: in the SPaG paper, it should be ‘An _________ of tigers’ and ‘A _________ of foxes’ and not the other way around. I’m so sorry.



Have a great day xxx

Monday 11th March

Welcome to SATs Week 2020! How very odd, not to be serving you all breakfast, calming your nerves, and then looking forward to fun-filled afternoons.


I have put together an ‘alternative’ SATs paper, with some fun and silly activities, which I would love you to have a go at. All of the teachers had really fun evening on Whatsapp sharing stories and photos for Papers 4 and 5 – see if you can work out who is who! You have all week to complete the paper, and I’ll send you the answers on Friday.


For quick maths today, please play the Yes/No Maths game You could be very inventive/sneaky and use some tricky numbers/shapes: decimals, fractions, 2D and 3D shapes. Be inventive, and challenge your family members.



For maths this week, please go to  where you will find this week’s learning.

  • Monday: multiplying fractions by integers
  • Tuesday: multiplying fractions by fractions
  • Wednesday: dividing fractions by integers
  • Thursday: fractions of an amount
  • Friday: maths challenge

The activity sheets and answers no longer appear on the website, but I’ve attached today’s here.

Spellings are on PM as usual


For English today I would like you to go to for a lesson on Writing a Report


If you would like a history lesson today, you have two choices: has a lesson on Tutankhamun

Or has a lesson on WW1 and 2.


Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown  challenge


Would you like a practical Science activity? Have a go at this one… (outside or over the sink.....NOT in the living room!!!)




Fun fact for Monday


Have a lovely week




Thursday 7th May


Good morning and welcome to another gloriously sunny day!


Well done for all your learning so far this week. Hopefully you are now on the last of your 10 Minute Maths tests – the puzzle from Set C


How is the Maths going? Hopefully all the fantastic hard work you did when we covered fractions earlier in the year has really paid off, and you are feeling confident with this week’s work.

If you’d like some more revision of last week’s work, go to and click on Year 6 Thursday for a lesson on finding unknown angles in triangles.


Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, but if you’d like some Maths, on White Rose Home Learning there is a maths and cooking combo! If you would like to do that, and want to see the ingredient list and cooking instructions in advance (remember it may be tricky for your grown-ups to go shopping, so don’t worry if you’re not able to join in) I’ve attached it here!

Also for tomorrow, if you would like a revision lesson on last week’s work on angles in quadrilaterals, go to and click on Year 6 Friday

For English today I’d like you to go to and scroll down to Guy Bass. He has a 10 minute writing challenge for you based on his book series ‘Skeleton Keys’. Have fun with this one!




For you History lovers, there’s a great lesson on discussing whether World War II was inevitable or not. Click on Year 6 Thursday.


There is a great French lesson at on having a conversation in a café. Click on Year 7, scroll down to Week 2 and click on Thursday.


There is an AMAZING Art lesson on Year 6 Friday all about optical illusions and shading. It looks great… and very relaxing!



Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge



Have a very happy Thursday everyone, and enjoy a lovely long weekend…… we hope you all enjoy celebrating VE Day with your lovely families. Don’t forget to look out for the Spitfire!


Lots of love xxx





Wednesday 6th May



Good morning lovelies. Happy Wednesday!

Well done for all the great learning you did yesterday – some of those fractions activities on PM are really quite tricky! Remember, you may need to convert them so that they have the same denominator so that you can compare and order them. You are really good at fractions, so if it doesn’t quite go right the first time, and you want another go, let me know when you hand it in, and I’ll reset it.

And I’m sorry if PM has the occasional ‘glitch’ – it does that sometimes, and I have no way of knowing when I set an activity. I hope it’s not too frustrating for you.


Learning today:

Carry on with the 10 minute test Maths book – almost finished! And the maths I parentmailed on Monday. This is at I said to your parents, don’t worry if you can’t print out the sheets, just do the activities on paper. Every day, the same Maths is on and there are some extra activities there.


If you would like some revision of comparing and classifying quadrilaterals (which was our learning last week), then go to, go to Year 6, and Wednesday.


For English, there is a lesson on Relative Clauses on


If you would like some Science today, there are two great lessons for you to choose from: has a lesson on classification and the animal kingdom. Go to Year 6 and Wednesday

or…. has a lesson on plant reproduction.


Today’s Lego challenge



Today's Countdown challenge


Here is a maze for you! Can you get safely from the entrance in the bottom left corner to the castle?



And finally…… look how one teacher in The Netherlands spent lockdown! Knitting her class! (They obviously have much smaller classes than us!) I love how they are all joining hands! I wish I were able to knit each of you!



Lots of love, and have a fabulous day xxx


Tuesday 5th May


Good morning cherubs. How are you today? It looks as if we are in for a lovely, sunny week. Thank you for the great work you’ve handed in already this week. I’ve read the first few chapters of ‘The Vanishing Trick’ and it’s great!  Very cleverly written! I can’t wait to read the rest!


For today’s English, I’d like you to go to and have a go at the lesson on using personification in setting descriptions. There are a couple of videos, (the first one revises noun phrases – I certainly wasn’t expecting a dancing unicorn!) and the second gives examples of personification. You are really good at this writing technique – lots of you wrote some amazing examples in the poems and description you did for the online books on Purplemash, in your short burst writes and your Portal Stories. A couple of examples from my new book: ‘Cool night air washed over his flushed cheeks’ ; ‘His mind raced with the events of the evening’



If you would like some extra Maths revision of the last couple of weeks’ work, there is a lesson on comparing and classifying triangles on Go to Year 6, and then make sure you’re on Week 3 Tuesday.



If you would like some French, go to and go to Year 7 and then Week 2 Tuesday. (Yes Week 2… we are a week behind!) and there is a lesson on ordering food in a café


If you enjoyed the journey into Space last week, there is another interview with a different astronaut, Mike Foal, at 2pm today, but you can watch on catch up afterwards if you want to. I will definitely be tuning in






Space to Learn: 'The Thrill of Doing Things for the First Time' - Astronaut Mike Foale

Are you feeling artistic? Have a go at drawing a Celtic Knot with this tutorial!

How to Draw a Celtic Knot: Step by Step

It's not as easy as it looks..... I've had several attempts, but it's quite satisfying when you finally master it! Perseverance!


Today's Lego challenge


Today's Countdown challenge


Have a lovely day everyone, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine xxxx


Monday May 4th



Good morning lovelies

Welcome to another week! How are you all? I’m sure you all know that Friday is a Bank Holiday this week, and a very special one. Normally it would be today, as it is the first Monday in May. But this Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, in 1945, so we will have a special day to commemorate that.

Do you remember our VE day celebration in December, with our Tea Dance and your wonderful waltzing with each other and your parents? And how proudly you shared all your beautiful work, your Flossie diaries and your Anderson Shelters? That seems a long time ago, I think. Do you remember too, reading about how Her Majesty the Queen and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, who were 19 and 14 at the time, left Buckingham Palace to go and celebrate on the streets of London?

Have you heard that our very special hospital, the Queen Victoria, which was so important during World War II, has been chosen to receive a flypast of a Spitfire on Friday afternoon? This will be in recognition of Sir Archibald McIndoe and his team of surgeons and of their pioneering work to rebuild the faces and lives of so many terribly injured airmen. Hopefully we will all be able to see this historic moment from our gardens.


Our learning for this week:

I have parentmailed Early Morning Maths and Maths for this week

If you would like some revision of the last couple of weeks’ work, there is a lesson on finding the values of missing angles on Go to Year 6, and then make sure you’re on Week 3 Monday


Spellings are on Purplemash – well done again with this last week. There were some tricky words.


Reading this week is something a little different, which I hope will be fun: Disney reading comprehension. I have parentmailed a pdf with a link to a Youtube clip, some questions, and the answers. I’ve also sent a copy of the lyrics, as the link on the pdf isn’t great! They are here for you too! Enjoy singing along!





Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book.

Writing, I will update this every day here. Today, I would like you to go to and have a go at the lesson on analysing setting descriptions. Think carefully about all the fantastic short burst writes you did while we were preparing for the portal story, and remember all the amazing techniques you used in that.


If you would like a History lesson on what life was like in Nazi Germany, go to Go to Year 6, and then make sure you’re on Week 3 Monday


If you are like me, and looking for new books to read, here are some ideas for you…



Look what arrived at my house! This should keep me busy for a while! Can't wait to read it.... the blurb is intriguing I think, and it's got one of those lovely, textured covers with gold bits. It looks like one of those old fashioned, lockable diaries! I'll let you know how I get on with it!



Today’s Lego challenge


Today’s Countdown challenge



If you would like a practical science activity, here’s a fun one for you, and perfect for thinking about our wonderful NHS workers:


And finally, in honour of today’s date…



2 Minute Man: How to Talk like Yoda

You may never THINK like Yoda but in just 2 Minutes you can TALK like him!

Have fun with this!



Take care everyone…..just think, this would have been our last week before SATs!!!

With our love to you all, missing you very much xxx



News just in......



I can't believe I chose her for our lesson today! Am DEFINITELY going to order this!

Friday 1st May


Good morning poppets!

Another special day today! Mrs. A’s birthday! If you want to send her a birthday message, you can email it to me on Purplemash and I’ll make sure she gets them all!


Did you see the footage of Captain Tom yesterday? What a very lovely gentleman! And now, of course, he’s Colonel Tom – an amazing promotion from the Queen to mark his special day and wonderful achievement.


Talking of achievement, here’s a little something to remind you of our very special Friday mornings! I miss singing this with you all:



So, for our last lessons of the week:


Maths today is the challenge on White Rose home Learning, which also appears at

If you would like extra maths, you can go to where you will find a fractions problem solving lesson. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Friday tab.



English: Quite different today! I’d like you to go to There are some amazing authors on there, some of whom we will be visiting over the next few weeks, but for today, I’d like you to scroll down to Jenni Spangler. She’s written a book that sounds absolutely awesome, ‘The Vanishing Trick’ (I think I might order it!)



Jenni has a short video, and a 10 minute writing challenge for you! She will introduce it, and then give you 10 minutes to write – don’t pause the video, as she’s counting down the 10 minutes! And then she will show you what she came up with. If you would like a copy of the photographs that she suggests, I’ve emailed them to you on Purplemash, and they are here too... can you guess which person she chose? And who her character turned out to be? Have lots of fun letting your imaginations do what they do best! Enjoy coming up with some amazing ideas…. Email me some if you can!




If you would like an Art lesson, then go to Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Friday tab, where you will find a really fantastic lesson on using visual texture to add interest to our artwork. The sound does go a bit funny in a few places, but bear with it. I absolutely love her tip on breathing in when you want to draw more faintly! It really works!!! Why have I never thought of that?! And using your baby finger or a cotton bud for smudging!

Miss Cara (the online teacher) mentioned an artist called Vince Low, who creates portraits entirely by scribbling……. here are some of his incredible pieces. Who can you recognise?






If you feel the Music calling you today, go to for a lesson on duration, tempo and Beethoven!



For those animal lovers amongst you, Chester Zoo, who are still caring for 35,000 animals behind closed doors, are hosting a virtual day today, where you can see all the animals up close. There is more information here

And you can watch here

I think I’m going to tune in for the chimpanzee feeding time at 11am, and although I will probably be watching through my fingers, the Reticulated Python having its lunch at 2pm.






Today’s Lego Challenge

Today’s Countdown Challenge


Finally: Take a tip from our Lego friend here…. WASH YOUR HANDS!



Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Missing you. Lots of love from us all xxx


Thursday 30th April


What a day!

It’s only the 100th….. ONE HUNDREDTH……birthday of Captain Tom Moore! How many of us will live to be 100, I wonder? His achievements in the last few weeks are remarkable, given his age, and his efforts have raised an absolutely enormous amount of money… close to £30million. But, before today, he has lived a remarkable life. He endured difficult times during WW2 in India, Myanmar (it was known as Burma at the time) and Sumatra. He was born in Keighley, Yorkshire, the son of a family of builders, in 1920…… just two years after the end of WW1. And now, 100 years later, in the strangest of times, we all know his name, he has a train named after him, will have a birthday flypast of military planes, and has received 125,000 birthday cards.

Did you know … after the war, he used to race motorbikes in competitions?! He always wore the number 23! I wonder if there was a reason for that?

A message from Captain Tom that I found on Twitter yesterday: It is quite extraordinary that I am turning 100. It is even more extraordinary that I am doing so with this many well-wishers and I am in awe at the response my walking has had... To everyone who has donated, sent birthday cards and messages, sincerely thank you. Please stay home, stay safe. Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day”.

Therefore, lets be awesome today!


If you would like some extra maths today, you can go to where you will find a revision lesson on subtracting fractions. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Thursday tab. You are brilliant at this, so it should be very straightforward for you!

Alternatively, if you fancy some revision on BIDMAS, there’s a great lesson today at


English: also at there’s a lessson for you on hyphens and dashes…… how many times do those get called by the wrong name?!!!  Once a day at least, in our classroom!


History: For those of you who love WW2 history, there is a great lesson here on Hitler’s rise to power Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Thursday tab


French:, but instead of the blue Year 6 tab, click on the pink Year 7 one (Yes, Year 7! Why? Because they don’t seem to be doing French on the Year 6 one at the moment, and I’m not sure if they will…) Scroll down a bit, to Week 1 (Yes, Week One! Why? Because I didn’t spot this last week!), go to the Wednesday lessons, and you’ll find a French lesson on Introducing Yourself


If you like maths puzzles, have you ever tried Sudoku? You can find them online such as here, or there are lots of printable ones. You have to use the numbers 1-9 once only in each row, in each column, and in each of the squares

Her's a picture of a completed one: explains in a bit more detail


Today’s Lego Challenge

Today’s Countdown Challenge

Missing you all xxx

Wednesday 29th April


Good morning lovelies!

Did you tune in to the space broadcast on Youtube yesterday? I thought it was fantastic, and so interesting. I learnt absolutely loads of things I didn’t know before. And the thing that stood out for me? Well I’ve always thought of astronauts as superhumans - I think the biggest message that came from Nicole Stott was that with hard work, a love of learning, real ambition, and perseverance, ANYONE can be ANYTHING! Reach for the stars! Quite literally in her case! I love her attitude that improving life for the human race is so important – “Remember we live on a planet. You are all the  crewmates here on Spaceship Earth. Don’t be passengers, be crew”

 And that video at the end? Incredible… and really moving.

Did you see the spacesuit made with art from children?! Amazing! Imagine if you were one of those children whose art had gone to space?!

If you missed it, you can go to where you can find lots of amazing videos, including yesterday’s.


If you would like some extra maths today, you can go to where you will find a revision lesson on adding fractions. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Wednesday tab. You are brilliant at this, so it should be very straightforward for you!

Alternatively, if you fancy some revision on identifying common factors, multiples and prime numbers, go to


English: please go to for today’s lesson on bullet points


Science: there is a great lesson about fossils and evolution here, that will recap the work you did with Mrs Collier. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Wednesday tab

Alternatively, if you would like to learn some chemistry, there’s a lesson on mixing, dissolving and separation on


Today’s Lego challenge

Today’s Countdown challenge


Fun fact



Have a lovely day xxx


Tuesday 28th April


Good morning cherubs! How are you all today? I hope you have seen the message to you all, on parentmail, from all the adults at school who miss you so very much. 


Well done for the learning you did yesterday. we are all so proud of you! smiley heart


How did you find the maths yesterday? Please carry on with the White Rose learning I parentmailed home. Today, it’s angles in regular polygons…. Do you remember how we split larger shapes (octagon…decagon… for example) into triangles, and then calculated the angles? On the Early Morning Maths Mats?



However, if you would like some extra, you can go to where you will find a revision lesson on decimal and fraction equivalence. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Tuesday tab. Alternatively, if you fancy some revision on short and long multiplication, go to for today’s maths.


For English today, please go to for the lesson on commas, brackets and dashes for parenthesis, and commas for clarity. You’ll see, if you read below the second video, one of our class members could come to rather an unfortunate end without proper use of commas!


And as a special treat, there’s a clip of the very wonderful Michael Rosen doing his ‘Chocolate Cake’ poem! Enjoy!


In the same place, you’ll find a nice Geography lesson on maps and atlases.


At you’ll find Joe’s PE lesson every day for the rest of the week.


Are you interested in space? This looks fascinating and is on youtube at 2pm



Do you feel creative? Here's a really fun Art activity! I love the faces with the scissors!



One of your lovely classmates has been doing some archaeology... in his back garden! He says I can share the photos he sent me! Check out how deep that hole is!!!



Today's Lego challenge


Today's Countdown challenge


Keep smiling. Miss you all xxx


Monday 27th April 


Good morning everyone, and welcome to another week! Well done for all your fantastic learning last week, and thank you for all the lovely emails - it’s so lovely to hear from you. I can hear all your voices when I read them!


Thank you so much for the wonderful portal stories I’ve received so far. Wow! You have such amazing imaginations! I’ll make sure I email every one of you to tell you how fab you are!


Learning for this week:


I’ve parentmailed information for Maths for this week. If you would like some extra, you can go to where you will find some revision lessons on decimals and fractions. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Monday tab


Spellings are on Purplemash – really, really well done with those so far! Your scores are super!


For Reading for this week, I’ve set you a couple of activities on PM. Firstly, an interview with a book character. Make it as informative as you can. You have read lots of books that I haven’t actually read, so I would really like to feel that I know as much about that character as possible from your interview. Secondly, a graphic novel-type representation of a book you love! Have lots of fun with that one! You can draw pictures, import pictures from the internet, or choose from the clipart. I can’t wait to see what you produce! Don’t rush either of these… they should take you all week, and I’m looking forward to some great quality work! And please, please remember punctuation and spelling!!!


For English this week, we are going to have a SPAG focus. Today is all about punctuation and paragraphs. Please go to for today’s lesson. Check in here tomorrow for more….


If you are interested in the History of WW1 and 2, has a great lesson on the Treaty of Versailles, that took place in December 1919, and heavily punished Germany for its role in WW1. We did talk about it when we were exploring how WW2 came about. Click on the blue Year 6 tab, and the green Monday tab.


For those of you who would like a practical science activity:

Today’s Lego challenge:

Today’s countdown challenge:


Missing you all so much xxx

Friday 24th April 


I’m going to be in school today, with Miss Newport (yay!!!). It’s always very strange being there without you all. And oddly quiet!!! On the plus side, it’s also very tidy!!! But it’s just not the same without you all…


It does mean tho, that I won’t be able to see any work that you hand in today until the weekend. But I promise I’ll look at it as soon as I possibly can. Keep going – you’re working so hard. We are all really proud of you.


Maths for today:

I spent all day yesterday checking the White Rose Home learning  for the challenge that is supposed to be there for today, but it hasn't appeared on there. However, if you go to

I think it is on there - apparently they have teamed up on this. Have a go and see what it's like. 


Extras for today, if you would like them…


Go to the green schedule tab, the blue Year 6 tab and find the lessons for Friday. The one you want is ‘Texture Treasure Hunt’

Here is my effort… I had lots of fun finding different textures around my house and garden! Some have worked better than others, and there are a couple of sections where I found it tricky to control my pencil properly (I should have listened better when she was explaining how to hold it. Also, I couldn't find my ruler -I'm clearly turning into you! - so my lines aren't very straight frown) It looks better 'in the flesh' rather than a photo - honest!


Today's Lego challenge

Today's Countdown challenge



For anyone who is thinking of having a go at the DIY lava lamp, here is one of your lovely classmates making hers (I do have permission from her Dad to post this!) Enjoy!!!

LM lava lamp.mp4

Still image for this video

Have a lovely Friday and fantastic weekend everyone

Missing you xxx

In honour of Shakespeare's birthday....

how many of these have you heard being said nowadays?

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning lovelies! A very special day today......St. George's Day (who can remember the reason why he became our Patron Saint? And who can remember the legend of St. George and the Dragon?) and Shakespeare's birthday (1564) and deathday (1616)! 


Some extras for you for today if you would like them:


English: ‘using adjectives for more descriptive writing’


Music: ‘singing with feeling’

There are some lovely opportunities to sing and join in with a children’s choir



Go to the green schedule tab, the blue Year 6 tab and find the lessons for Thursday. The one you want is ‘Why were so many lives lost on the Western Front?’

This won’t appeal to all of you, but for those of you who are fascinated by WW1, interested in learning about weapons and trench warfare, this is really fascinating. It’s not particularly light viewing, but it does cover some of the things we would have learned on our trip to the museum in Albert in France. From about 24 minutes into the video, there is lots of footage from the places we would have visited during the afternoon on our trip out onto the battlefields. Our first stop after the museum would have been the huge mine crater – it’s very hard to really appreciate the scale of it unless you are there, but the film does give you some idea of its size. The huge Mémorial at Thiépval would have been our second stop, passing though the countryside, seeing many smaller cemeteries on our way, and where we would have said some prayers and laid a wreath on behalf of the school. There are some views of the trenches that are exactly where we would have been on our final stop – we would have been able to walk through them.

You don’t need to do the quiz at the beginning if you don’t want to (it’s based on the lesson that appeared on this site on Monday – you could watch that first if you wanted to – that explains how WW1 came about) and you don’t need to do the written exercises or the quiz at the end if you don’t want to – I’ll leave that up to you. I just thought some of you might find it interesting.

Here are some photos of the trenches that I took last year:



Today's Lego challenge:


Today's Countdown challenge:


Have a lovely day everyone





Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning cherubs! Thank you again for all the fantastic work yesterday. You're doing brilliantly. Make sure you say thank you to all your parents for their time and support.


Some extras for today if you would like to do them:



Go to the green schedule tab, the blue Year 6 tab and find the lessons for Wednesday. The one you want is ‘Finding equivalent fractions’. This will be revision, if you decide to have a go at it – we’ve covered this already, so it will just be practice.



Go to the green schedule tab, the blue Year 6 tab and find the lessons for Wednesday. The one you want is ‘What is the theory of Evolution’. Again, this will be revision, if you decide to have a watch, but you might enjoy it!


…..alternatively, you might be more interested in Space and the solar system, in which case there’s a lesson here for you if you would like to do this instead…..or even as well!


Today's Lego challenge.....


Today's Countdown challenge.....


Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine

Missing you xxx

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning everyone! Well done, everyone, for the fantastic work you all submitted yesterday, and it was so lovely to be in touch with some of you by email on Purplemash. I've absolutely loved reading the portal stories I've received so far, and can't wait to read the rest. Please could I have them by Friday, so that we can start something new next week.


Extra Learning for Today: please go to


English: 'To understand verbs and modal verbs'

Maths: 'Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number' (this will be revision for you)

Geography: 'Introduction to settlements'


Today's Countdown challenge....



Today's Lego challenge.......



And don't forget to!



See you all tomorrow xxx

Summer Term 2020!


We hope you have really enjoyed the (mostly!) sunny Easter break. We are really looking forward to learning alongside you for the next few weeks - we are missing everyone so much, and can't wait to be all together again.


More detailed, lesson-by-lesson, instructions for this week have been parentmailed home:

  • Early morning maths from your 10 minute test books/on Purplemash
  • Maths on White Rose 
  • Reading on Purplemash
  • Spellings on Purplemash
  • Finishing your portal stories
  • New English topic, RE and Art to follow later in the week
  • Keep doing some sort of physical exercise every day - the lovely Joe Wicks is fun if you haven't already tried him, or maybe some challenges in your garden, or a nice walk or bike ride while the weather is nice. 


Look out for daily Lego challenges on here and on the class blog. Here is today's:


Look out too for a daily Countdown challenge: can you make the bigger number using the smaller numbers underneath? You can use each of the smaller numbers once, but you don't have to use them all. You can use all four operations, but you need to remember BIDMAS. No decimals or fractions! How many different ways can you make the number? Can you do it faster than your parents?!  Here is today's challenge (they will get harder!):



Do you fancy some practical Science? Here is an activity you might enjoy, but make sure you ask an adult first:

BBC Bitesize have today launched a series of daily lessons to cover the curriculum for the forseeable future. They can be found at

Please do log on and have a look

Stay safe everyone, and look out for updates here and on parentmail.

Lots of love

The Year 6 team x




Lego Challenges so far

Lego Challenges so far 1
Lego Challenges so far 2
Lego Challenges so far 3
Lego Challenges so far 4
Lego Challenges so far 5
Lego Challenges so far 6
Lego Challenges so far 7
Lego Challenges so far 8

Easter Activities

Well done to all the children (and parents!) for the lovely work that has been submitted during the last couple of weeks. We are so impressed with how hard you are all working.

We hope you all have a lovely couple of weeks enjoying times as a family. Below are some activities to keep you busy if you would like them.

Take care and stay safe

The Year 6 Team x

w/b 30th March


Hello everyone!


It's your second week of home schooling - I hope you're all enjoying it and managing to spend some time doing fun activities with your families as well. Well done with all your hard work during the first week - Ms Mallaband and I have been very impressed with you all!


I have attached a science booklet for you that we were going to complete on a trip to finish off our 'All Living Things' science topic. Hopefully you can do some of these activities in your back garden or on a walk, if you are managing to get out with your family. It includes a little bit of artwork in the form of botanical drawings too.


Have a good week - keep smiling!


Mrs Collier

It has been wonderful to see so many children submitting their work, and to keep in touch with them through the class blog on Purple Mash. Please see parentmail for details on how to access this, and for this week's learning.

The ratio topic will continue next week, and Early morning maths will continue to be a 10 minute test each day, to be found in their books. English will be a continuation of their portal stories, and the reading activities set for them as 2dos on Purple Mash - a new book next week. New spellings on Monday too.

I have set up a Lego challenge on the class blog, just for fun, and we will continue to add more ideas as time progresses. Look out for some science experiments and an art challenge or two.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

Missing you all very much


Staying active during isolation!

Dear parents

Home learning for the week beginning 23.3.20 has been sent home by parentmail this week.

Year 6 team

Keeping active

Please see link below with a "super movers" session to help keep your children active when they are at home. I will add more videos as they are released! 

World Book Day 


For World Book Day, classes 5 and 6 teamed up to explore alternative fairy tales. We began by learning about the history of fairy tales. Did you know that some of their origins can be traced back to over 2000 years ago?!


We explored well-known fairy tales and looked at how they had changed from the original tale. After that, we looked at the traditional tale, 'Cindarella' and its alternative version, 'Ninjarella'. We had so much fun learning how to alter traditional fairy tales to make them more modern, topical or exciting. We spent time creating our own versions and acting them out to each other. After lunch, we spent some time designing our own graphic novels. It was such a fun day and we learnt a lot about fairy tales. 


We have enjoyed this half term's topic on Evolution and Inheritance!


Here are a few photos of the fossils we made using plasticine and plaster of paris.

Pause Day - Hope


We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Career's Fair during this term's Pause Day! We asked lots of fantastic questions to find out about what the different jobs entailed and how people achieved their roles. In class. we had discussions about the stereotypes surrounding certain jobs and how it was ok to break the stereotypes!


Thank you so much to our volunteers who supported us with this.



What a fabulous time we had programming Ozobots with our visitors from Thales! Using different colour pens, we were able to make our mini robots do a variety of different tricks. We also found out all about the different types of engineering and had some good questions to ask our visitors.


We have been using our maths skills to measure out the weekly rations for an adult during WW2. We have recapped capacity, weighing and reading scales. We then compared the rations to our diets today.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Newhaven Fort

We had a wonderful time at Newhaven Fort! The children were very brave in the 'Blitz Experience' where they were able to experience how it might have felt to be in an underground shelter during The Blitz. We enjoyed handling real WW2 artefacts and solving clues to work out who they might have belonged to! It was beautiful weather so we were able to walk around the top of the fort and see the guns that could fire 7 miles away!

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to those of you who attended the 'Meet the Teacher' session this morning. Please find below the PowerPoint used in the meeting.

Welcome Back!


Year 6 have had a brilliant week in their new class starting their new topic - World War  II. Please find below an outline of the maths topics that we cover throughout the year.


We look forward to seeing some of you at the 'Meet the Teacher' session on Thursday 19th September at 9am.