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Class 6


We have enjoyed this half term's topic on Evolution and Inheritance!


Here are a few photos of the fossils we made using plasticine and plaster of paris.

Pause Day - Hope


We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Career's Fair during this term's Pause Day! We asked lots of fantastic questions to find out about what the different jobs entailed and how people achieved their roles. In class. we had discussions about the stereotypes surrounding certain jobs and how it was ok to break the stereotypes!


Thank you so much to our volunteers who supported us with this.



What a fabulous time we had programming Ozobots with our visitors from Thales! Using different colour pens, we were able to make our mini robots do a variety of different tricks. We also found out all about the different types of engineering and had some good questions to ask our visitors.


We have been using our maths skills to measure out the weekly rations for an adult during WW2. We have recapped capacity, weighing and reading scales. We then compared the rations to our diets today.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Newhaven Fort

We had a wonderful time at Newhaven Fort! The children were very brave in the 'Blitz Experience' where they were able to experience how it might have felt to be in an underground shelter during The Blitz. We enjoyed handling real WW2 artefacts and solving clues to work out who they might have belonged to! It was beautiful weather so we were able to walk around the top of the fort and see the guns that could fire 7 miles away!

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to those of you who attended the 'Meet the Teacher' session this morning. Please find below the PowerPoint used in the meeting.

Welcome Back!


Year 6 have had a brilliant week in their new class starting their new topic - World War  II. Please find below an outline of the maths topics that we cover throughout the year.


We look forward to seeing some of you at the 'Meet the Teacher' session on Thursday 19th September at 9am.