East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 2

Mrs Tanya Johnston and Dr Paula Clark

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Secret Garden

We enjoyed playing our Maths games with our year R friends.

Our Class Butterflies

Science and Art Week

Bean planting for our bean observations. Do you know what happens first?

Where will we find our snails tomorrow?

Today we learnt that triangles make our buildings stronger.

Time Travel

Keeping healthy - Looking after our hearts

How we are looking at multiplication and division with the language we use.

World Book Day

Victorian Toy Workshop


We have been learning that germs spread by coughing and sneezing.  One sneeze filled our classroom with germs. Nearly everybody ended up with Dr Clark's nasty germs!  Next week we will find out if we can wash our hands properly...

What is Love Anyway?

Whilst giving an assembly about super powers we were interrupted by my phone ringing.  I was going to cancel it until I saw who was ringing...




He explained that we all have a super power and that is love.  He referred us to 1 Corinthians for more details.  This is our learning put into our own words.

Love is...


In Science this term the children wanted to find out why we need to keep ourselves clean.  We have used our knowledge of setting up fair tests to look at the effect of sugar on plaque and what happens to our teeth if they are exposed to cola.


In both cases we all agreed that brushing our teeth is a good idea!

Soaked in water, cola and cola with brushing


Happy New Year!

Welcome to our new and exciting Time Travel topic.  We have kicked our topic off by making our own time machine.  After fine tuning all the knobs, buttons and dials we managed to navigate our way back to World War 1, the Great Fire of London, back through Ancient Egypt all the way to the dinosaurs! The look of complete disbelief was a picture as we found out that there were no humans back then - not even Jesus!  However, we couldn't stay long because there was some sort of bright light in the sky that we were a bit concerned about... Do you know what that might have been?


In Maths we are starting to look at multiplication.  We have started using the x symbol but we read this symbol as 'groups of' rather than 'times'.


3 x 2 = 6

Three groups of two equals six.


Can you match the equal groups?

Key Stage 1 Nativity

The volcano in the wonderful book 'The Snail and the Whale' inspired us to make our own volcanoes.  We predicted what would happen when we sped up the reaction.  We then predicted what would happen if we had a bigger reaction forced through the same sized hole...


Science ROCKS!


See a video via this link-

Year 2 dance club


Well done to the year 2 girls from the Nextgn dance company who performed their dance in assembly today.


You can see their dance by using the link below.

Week 6

We've been looking at adding and taking away 2-digit numbers this week.  You can practise this at home using 10p and 1p coins.

Winter trees

This is a problem we looked at this week in class.  The children found it quite tricky.  Have a look at the problem with them.  There are questions included to guide your discussions.  There is also an extension for those of you wanting to stay deep in the learning zone!

All Creatures Great and Small

We're going on a bear hunt!

Roald Dahl Day Magic Medicine (George's Marvellous Medicine)

Roald Dahl Day (The Twits)