East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 2

        Welcome to Year 2


Class 2 Meet the Teacher

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Gold and Values 20.11.20

Congratulations to our Gold winners who are shown below and Phoebe for being our values champion this week. Phoebe has been showing lots of service by always helping to tidy up!

Gold and Values 13.11.20

Congratulations to our values award winner,Lailah, for showing service by being kind and helpful this week and Jack and Mia for their Gold awards.

We enjoyed making our poppies this week and thinking about how important it is that we are all kind to each other and get along together.

Gold and Values Awards

Congratulations to our Gold winners below and Luisa, our values champion, who was a very kind friend this week!

Gold and Values Champions 9.10.20

Congratulations to Darcey for gaining the values award by showing service in class. Well done also to Rory and James whose Gold awards are below.

Gold and Values 2.10.20

Congratulations to Oscar and Minerva on achieving Gold this week- certificates below. Also well done to Mia for achieving the values award for being kind and patient with her peers.

Gold 2.10.20

To play this game you need two dice and a different coloured pencil for each player.

To have your turn you roll the two dice and make a two digit number.  You can choose which way round the digits go. For example if you roll a 2 and a 5 you could make 25 or 52.  Once you have decided on your number you mark it on the number line and write the number next to it.

The next person takes their turn and does the same.

The aim of the game is to get three marks in a row without someone else writing a number inbetween yours.

When talking about the numbers you can use the stem sentence we use in class. Eg I have 2 tens and 5 ones my number is 25.  

This is a great little game for helping the children become more familiar with where the numbers are on the number line and how they relate to each other.

Gold and Values 18.09.20

Congratulations to Jack G for his values award for showing a great depth of understanding and taking responsibility for his learning. Also well done to Emerald-May and Jack H for their Gold awards.

Gold and Values

Congratulations to Mia G for getting the values award. Mia has been kind and helpful all week.

Congratulations Harry and Jessica for your Gold awards!

We had a lot of fun describing our potions

Look at how much Maths we'e remembered