East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

Christians believe God put humans on Earth to care for his creations. When god created Adam, he let him name all the animals and insects in the hope he would treat them with care. We made our own animals and names them to be like God and Adam.

Jellyfish vs jelly - this was our latest discussion in R.E. as we learnt about Jesus being the creator and giver of life. In our lesson, the children questioned which was living and how we knew they were alive compared to the other. Following this in depth class conversation, we made and tasted our own jelly!

The children have been learning about lots of different celebrations that occur throughout November. For bonfire night, they made tin foil sparklers which they took to the playground to practise prepositional language. For Remembrance Day, the children made their own medals of bravery and discussed what they would say to the soldiers. For Diwali, the children made their own diya's out of modelling clay which they later painted with bright, bold colours.

What a first half term it has been! The children have worked their little socks off and should be very proud of their achievements thus far. They have experienced the big outdoors on welly walks, shown tremendous courage when putting on a play for their friends and practising lots of fine motor skill movements. I hope they are all as eager as I am to get back to school for the second half of this term.

I would like to thank all parents for supporting St. Mary's in ensuring your children have the best start to school life despite the changes and restrictions imposed in this current climate. For those who were unable to attend the Meet the Teacher zoom session, here is the PowerPoint with all the information we discussed. Please do not hesitate to contact the Class R team via your child's communication book, the office or emailing

On Wednesday 30th September, Class R experienced their first Church service. They were very excited to listen and learn from Father Adam as he explained why we celebrate Harvest. The children created beautiful, hand-print trees based on the story The Little Red Hen which has a story-line based around harvesting.

Welcome to Class R! The children have settled in to school life at St. Mary's incredibly well and have thoroughly enjoyed lots learning opportunities across their first 4 weeks. In this time, we have made new friends and explored our learning area - including playing new instruments, building dens and blasting off in our new spaceship!