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Our Curriculum

We have high expectations of all our pupils within a rich, stimulating and inclusive curriculum that extends and enriches their learning. We have developed a creative curriculum across the school which is both challenging and relevant to young children. We aim to provide them with a love of learning that will make them life-long learners and prepare them for Secondary School and beyond.


Most learning is through topics which are across year groups teams and run over a two year cycle. We begin with a 'Stunning Start' to immerse and excite the children, follow by a 'Marvellous Middle' and end with a 'Fabulous Finish' to celebrate the children's learning.


Children are given opportunities to learn in different ways including real experiences, collaboration and practical activities. We encourage our children to be creative and reflective, to ask questions as well as answer them and to ask for help when they need it whilst being as independent as possible.


We recognise that there are similarities and differences between individuals and groups, but we strive to ensure that our differences do not become barriers to participation, access and learning. We have a strong reputation for supporting children with special needs and for helping them to gain the maximum benefit from our creative curriculum.


Please see the 'Curriculum Overview' using the link below or contact Mrs Collier (Curriculum Leader) if you would like to know more.


English and Maths Objectives
Progression Grids - Foundation Subjects
Long Term Planning