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Curriculum 2021 - 2022

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic there has been a disruption to children’s education for an extended period of time. The experiences had by each child during this time will be different, therefore it is important that as we set out our rationale for the 2021 - 2022 curriculum at St Mary’s, we take into account the changing needs of our community.


Our Curriculum Intent still stands firm and our beliefs as a school community are the same, however our emphasis on parts of our intent have shifted to align with these changing needs. We still believe that children should be curious, creative and resilient learners who are aspirational and flourish in the world that God has given us.


At St Mary’s we will define which skills we believe are essential and teach these over the academic year 21-22 ensuring that the children can build progressively and continue to deepen knowledge and understanding. Schemes of work and planning will be adapted to close any gaps. Our Maths Scheme - White Rose Maths have already developed their curriculum to support schools with identifying key teaching points and flagging up any content that may not have been covered during home learning/ the last academic year.


We will continue to live by our Core Values and our beliefs around these core values will be strengthened as we undertake extensive teaching and learning to ensure that the children are ready for secondary school and beyond.


At St Mary’s School, we continue to recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to the needs of the learners and families in our school community.  We will therefore be carefully assessing in a variety of ways where children are starting from and we will continue to build on our learner’s starting points, address gaps where necessary and extend for others.


We will ensure there is a focus on:

  • Individualised next steps for all learners across the curriculum

  • Continuous intentionally planned personal and social development

  • Vocabulary broadening and enrichment

  • Intentionally planned opportunities to learn outside

  • Opportunities to have a voice and be involved in decision making

  • A wide range of experiences

  • Active learning

  • Children being able to see their own progress

  • Developing their growth mindset and love of learning 

  • Involvement from parent/ carers


For more information on St Mary's curriculum please contact Melanie Collier (Deputy Headteacher) via the school office.

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