East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 5

Dear Year 5,


It has been a pleasure to teach you this year, 2015-16. 


Here are a few more photos for you to see! The slide-show photos were taken during our last Art lesson, 'Paint, Draw, Create!' There are also some older pictures from one of our Summer term Music lessons that I found!


Enjoy your Summer Holiday! 


From Mrs Bennett smiley

Music Lessons in Year 5 - Composition and Performance.

Welcome to Year 5!           Summer Term Topic: 'Earth Matters & Wild Water'


Our class teacher is called: Mrs Amy Bennett. 

We are lucky to have some wonderful teaching assistants who work in our class as well: Mrs Reeves, Miss Lester, Mrs Cappello and Mrs Saunders.

In Year 5...

  • We all work hard and we take pride in our work. 

  • We are kind and caring towards each other and have a classroom where everyone respects each other.

  • We are developing 'Growth Mindset' in Year 5 to help us with our learning:

  • Every Monday morning we use lolly-sticks to randomly select our new learning partners and we sit next to them in the class, for that coming week! 

  • There are no 'sets' in Year 5. Instead, our tables are organised in a horse-shoe design because we all work hard to 'grow' and to improve from our own starting points. 

Play-Doh Fractions in Maths!

Water Cycle homework - brilliant work all of you!


I thought I'd add a 'Year 5 Notes' box to our Year 5 page. 

I'll try and keep updating this with anything I remember to ask you/ share with you...


  • Don't forget Year 5 are going to Imberhorne for their Year 5 Taster Day on Friday 8th July. Please remember to cancel any hot dinners at St. Mary's for this day if you have already booked one. A letter will follow with more details about the taster day when I receive further information.
  • Please remember Swimming Kits on Wednesdays and your waterproof coats for the walk!
  • Don't forget to bring in your full P.E kit this week - for Sports Day this Friday 17th June 2016 (weather depending).


Amy Bennett smiley


Happy 90th Birthday to Her Majesty, The Queen - 10th June 2016.

Year 5 taster days - more photos to follow

Lots of learning has been taking place this week in Year 5!

Our Classroom...

Dell Quay and Chichester Marina more photos

Pond-dipping Group: A photos

Residential - day:3.

Good morning! Most of the children are already awake and reading their books and chatting away in their bedrooms this morning (at 6:30am). They were excellent at the Cathedral yesterday, the Pilgrim Badge workshop leaders even said, "They are the quietest class they've had!" They also found out more about the Cathedral on a guided tour and we will follow this up by learning even more about St. Richard. These activities were followed by a beautiful Evensong service 

The Cathedral - a Guided Tour and Pilgrim Badges (only my group as we split into groups for these activities).

Sketching and taking in the views

An evening stroll... Beautiful views

A few group photos from the residential

Year 5 Residential Day:2

After having pasta-bake for dinner, a pudding and a walk around the grounds followed by hot chocolate, a snack and a story the children finally got some sleep last night.

This morning everyone is up and about and starting to have showers. 

Breakfast will be at 8am before we begin day:2 of more activities. 

When we can we will update with more photos. 

Have a good day!

A few pictures of the children on day:1

Year 5 Residential Day:1.

The children have had a wonderful time crabbing and exploring the shore at Dell Quay today (photos to follow). They have been highly praised by the Harbour staff for their knowledge and their brilliant behaviour. When taking part in crabbing there were squeals of excitement when they found the various crabs. After putting the creatures carefully back they took part in a coastal walk and were taught about different sea defences (photos can been seen in the slideshow below). Eddie said, "It was the prettiest view ever!" Walking from Dell Quay to the marina. 




Year 5 Residential day 1 Dell Quay and Chichester Marina

Today (5/5/16) Year 5 had a guest speaker in to talk to them from Southern Water.

Year 5's Water Questions for the Southern Water Talk.

Class 5's new pet fish...

We are Dementia Friends in Year 5.

East Grinstead Celebration of Dance - April '16

We Are A Bucket Filling Classroom.

Week 1 'Earth Matters & Wild Water'

Year 5 Summer Homework Sheet

New Year 5 'Earth Matters & Wild Water' Curriculum Topic Overview Jigsaw 2016

Our Learning Questions for our new topic: 'Earth Matters & Wild Water'



Please bring in a named plastic water bottle every day. These can be kept in the classroom or in your bag. It is really important that you have enough water, especially in the Summer term.


PE days: During the Summer term our PE days will be as follows...

         Monday afternoons- please have indoor and outdoor PE kit in school on Mondays. 

         Wednesday mornings - we have swimming.

              Please be ready to leave straight after the register on Wednesdays.

              It would be good if you brought in an extra snack to eat (back at school, after

              swimming) and please pack a named plastic water bottle in your swimming bag.

Growth Mindset and AfL in Year 5

We work hard with our Learning Partners in Year 5.

R.E and our Christian Values displays.

Our Class Prayer Books.

Our Easter Cards and an Easter Garden.

Stations of the Cross - led by Year 5.

We made Mothering Sunday cards.

English in Year 5

We enjoy Buddy Reading with our Year 1 buddies.

Maths in Year 5.

The day we found an interesting egg! Could it be a dragon's egg?

PE - Our Dragon Dance...

Science Experiment - The Egg Drop!

P.E Squash

The chicks venture out of their Brooder Box to meet Year 5!


We are learning French.

Daffodil Display

Book Week - We all heard the bell and knew it was time to, 'Stop, drop and read!'

Book Week - we enjoy reading in Year 5...

Queen Elizabeth II - the longest reigning British Monarch to date. We designed and decorated plates to mark this occasion.

In the Autumn Term our topic was: WWII. 


Class 5 recently had two wonderful visitors who kindly came into our classroom and shared their memories about what life was like for them during WWII.  


One of our visitors was a young boy during the war and the other visitor was a young mother during the war.


Class 5 listened carefully as the special guests talked. There was a question and answer session at the end of each session as well!


The whole Year 5 team are very grateful to our visitors for coming in and sharing their memories with us all.


It's good to talk to people and to share memories...

Can you ask your parents, or other family members about their memories about growing up? 

How are their memories different or similar to your memories Class 5? 

What are your early memories about growing up Class 5?  

How is life different today to what it was like in WWII or, when other members of your family were growing up? What is the same?

A visitor shared some WWII vehicles and artefacts with us. This helped us understand more about what it might have been like for the soldiers in WWII.

The Imperial War Museum trip

WWII Blitz Classroom Display.