East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class R

We would like to say a huge thank you to the nursery department at Lingfield College for donating this wonderful slide to us! Mr Harvey and Mrs Thomas have worked hard to build it this morning and I think it’s safe to say that all the children are loving their new reading corner.

Water fight 2.0!

What a brilliant school trip we had to Tilgate Nature Centre to learn about mini beasts!

Mini beast hotels created by the wonderful artists of Class R

This term we have been learning about different religions and today we practised meditating the ‘Aum’ like the people who follow the Hinduism religion.

Welcome to Class R Orange, Wotsit and Camouflage!

The very hungry caterpillar being explored by Class R

Hunting for natural objects to then make our own mini beasts.

Water afternoon!

We learnt lots about keeping our teeth clean and healthy - thank you Liz from Bupa dentistry.

Halving - splitting into two groups. To split into two groups, you move one at a time into each group! Have I halved correctly in the last photo? Why do you think that?

Lots of fun with our red, white and blue celebrations.

2, 4, 6, 8, even numbers are so great!

We know now the Platinum Jubilee was to celebrate the Queen being our Queen for 70 years!

Toot toot! Next stop, London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee; then onto Summer Term 2.

Optional Half Term Work-

Sounds are being pronounced correctly and are able to identify special friends (two or three letters next to each other which make one sound) in their reading -

Letter Formations -

 Number Formations -

Sentence writing including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops

Doubling has been a success!

We learnt how Mother Mary was so kind which is why she was chosen by God to be Jesus’ mother. We looked at how caring Mother Mary was to Jesus and how she was so responsible with this new challenge. We linked this to being a career for a pet!

Pets week - we made houses for our pets to live in, we used numicon pieces to form pet shapes and we ordered pets from biggest to smallest

You’d be amazed how quickly Class R can grasp new mathematical concepts and key words when sweeties are involved! We started learning about doubling and we’re able to show off our doubling skills by having two lots of an amount of jelly babies on either side of our doubling line. Our challenge question of the day - Have I doubled in my second photo? How do you know?

Ahoy there matey - our new role play area chosen and created by the children! We will be using as a drawing, reading and writing area.

Washbrooks Family Farm - Tuesday 10th May!

We had to rescue under the sea creatures from solid ice!

We had a great time on the gymnastic apparatuses today!

Entering our new topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, starting with Artic and Antarctic animals

Learning about God’s creation story and we discussed the similarities and differences between jelly and jellyfish!

After our adventures over the Easter break, the children are loving the travel agents role play area.

Easter egg hunt!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Class R to the rescue!

We loved having the sheep her lambs at St Mary's. Thank you to the South of England Agricultural society!

Mummy Chex, Lambert and Ma'am Lamb settling in very well!

Spring has sprung!

The Triumphal Entry - we created our own palm leaves using our hand prints

Fizz Pop Science assembly with Gooey Stewy was so interesting!

We loved seeing the chicks with our buddies!

World Book Day - We loved this song too:

Ash Wednesday - ash crosses and then self portraits

Shrove Tuesday - delicious!

Hansel & Gretel - Map making, leaving trails and sweetie house building!

National Children's Mental Health Week ended with St. Mary's 'express yourself' mufti day - don't they all look fabulous! So today, we have laughed with our friends, moved our bodies to happy music and made dream catchers to ensure our happy, calm and love emotions stay with us all day long while our angry, sad and fearful emotions slip through the gaps.

Little Red Riding Hood - the best part of this week was watching the 'how to draw' video for Little Red Riding Hood with our buddies!

Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell children learning about Jack and the Beanstalk! Lots of work this week around tallest and shortest; measuring and ordering the heights of different objects.

Class R celebrating Chinese New Year through art and craft activities.

The Cinderella Ball was a blast!

Three Billy Goats Gruff - I think the children's favourite part of this week was junk modelling the bridge which soon turned into junk modelling swords to battle with the troll!

Three Little Pigs - we have made a LOT of houses this week. I do hope the big bad wolf doesn't come to blow them down!

First week back - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Class R had a lovely time at St. Mary's Christmas Celebration yesterday!

Class R loved completing the Santa Circuit today! A huge well done to Sports Crew for leading it. Head over to our Sporting Achievements section to see more photos.

Christmas continues in Class R with their Nativity, Santa's Wrapping Workshop and the Christmas Post Office.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Despite the sudden drop in temperature, Class R are still enjoying their outdoor learning opportunities as well as staying warm indoors.

You can see by these photos how much Class R and Class 6 both cherish their buddy time!

Since returning to school, there have been lots of celebrations! It started with Diwali when we made and decorated diyas. We moved onto making firework pictures for Bonfire Night. Then our thoughts turned to Remembrance Day which we decorated biscuits to look like poppy flowers.

Class R turned into athletic astronauts last week!

Class R were so excited to show Class 6 their learning journal of all their hard work they have done over the past 7 weeks. Their Class 6 buddy wrote a lovely comment next to their favourite piece of work. Obviously, they were able to have some quality time with each other after that!

Class R became scientists for the week where they learnt about capacity and mass and began to compare two amounts.

Class R have loved learning about symmetry, repeating patterns and money.

Class R loved the fruit tasting!

Class R loved their wicket cricket session with Darren from Sporting Dreams

We went on an autumn walk with our Class 6 buddy this week. We worked through a checklist to see which autumn items we could find on the field.

This week, we have been reading 'The Little Red Hen' to fit with the theme of harvest. The children were very brave and sang beautifully to the other year groups during the Harvest celebration service today. They have also enjoyed making hand print hens with Miss Peach.

Class R would like to say a huge thank you to the East Grinstead fire fighters who came to see us, teach us about fire safety and show off their cool gadgets. I'm sure lots of the children now want to be fire fighters when they grow up.

Class R have loved their visit from their buddies this week!

What a fantastic afternoon we have had celebrating Class R joining the St. Mary's community. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the mummies and daddies who joined us; as well as, a big thank you to Class 6 for helping us settle in so well to St. Mary's.

We went exploring this week to see what the big children's playground looks like!

The Class R children were very excited to meet Fr. Adam. They have thoroughly enjoyed getting to play alongside him in their classroom and, even more so, listening to his story in their first church visit today. Some children were lucky enough to be chosen to be actors to retell Fr. Adam's special story.

Lunch at 'big school' was a hit with all the children! They loved ordering their food and getting to pick their own pudding. When they heard about fish and chips Friday, they all cheered with excitement.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their stay and play sessions and their enthusiasm for being at big school has continued into this week too. I'm sure they are all looking forward to staying for lunch tomorrow!