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Stations of the Cross - the story of Jesus's death

Reading VIPERS

In Class 5, we will be using the six 'Reading VIPERS' to aid the teaching of reading comprehension. Here are some examples of the VIPERS being applied to our class text, Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick


VIPERSDefinitionExample question or task
VocabularyI can identify specific words/phrases and their meanings.Which word on page 1 tells you that Zoe's feet are hitting the ground forcefully?
InferenceI can understand what a writer is implying (so-called "reading between the lines").

"It felt as if her heart would burst..."


What does the author mean by this?

PredictionI can use information to make assumptions about how a text will develop.What connections can you make between your thoughts about the front cover and the blurb?
ExplanationI can use evidence from a text to support my ideas and conclusions.

Why do you think the author began the first chapter with Zoe running? What effect does this have on the reader?

RetrievalI can locate specific details from within a text at speed.List all the proper nouns (specific names that begin with capital letters) you are given in the blurb.
SummaryI can identify the key events from a text and the order in which they are written.Summarise the main events of 'Before'.


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Our Mannequin Challenge

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We took the freeze-frames we created in English and turned them into a Mannequin Challenge - can you spot anyone moving?

Home Learning - Summer Term 2

A small set of activities will be set each week, consolidating learning that has taken place in school. These should be completed in orange homework books. In addition, there is a home-learning 'menu' with some optional tasks to choose from - this is attached below. Tasks in grey should be completed weekly. The last hand-in date for home-learning is Monday 12th July 2021. Resources for home learning are accessible on Google Classroom.

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