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Reading VIPERS

In Class 5, we will be using the six 'Reading VIPERS' to aid the teaching of reading comprehension. Here are some examples of the VIPERS being applied to our class text, Boy Overboard.


VIPERS Definition Example question or task
Vocabulary I can identify specific words/phrases and their meanings. Which verb on page 1 does Jamal use to describe how Newcastle United moved towards him?
Inference I can understand what a writer is implying (so-called "reading between the lines"). Read the second paragraph of page 1. What can you infer from the text here about Jamal's past?
Prediction I can use information to make assumptions about how a text will develop. Now you have looked at the front cover and blurb, what do you think this book might be about?
Explanation I can use evidence from a text to support my ideas and conclusions.

"I dazzle him with footwork."

Can you explain the author's use of language here?

Retrieval I can locate specific details from within a text at speed. List the names of the children playing as Newcastle United at the beginning of the book.
Summary I can identify the key events from a text and the order in which they are written. Summarise the main events of Chapter One.


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