East Grinstead, West Sussex

Class 1

Spellings for this week (14.01.22)


Below are the Class 1 spellings for this week which will be tested on Friday 21st January.


There are 2 levels of challenge to choose from.  They can learn 10 spellings, or if they are not confident, they can opt to learn just 6.


Both sets of spellings consist of words with a chosen soundgreen words (spelt using phonics) and red words (not following phonics patterns).




Father Christmas!


We were amazed when Father Christmas came to visit the class and brought us presents!

Lower School Carol Service


On Wednesday, Reception, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 met together in the church for our Christmas Carol Service, led by Father Adam.  Each class presented an item to show what they had been learning about the Christmas story.  Class 1 produced collages, in pairs, of the key people involved in the nativity and showed them during a retelling.  Father Adam was so impressed with our artwork that he will be displaying it in the church over Christmas.

Santa Circuits


We had lots of fun completing the Santa Circuits PE challenge set up by the Year 6 Sports Crew.

Cheeky the Elf


Today, we had to say goodbye to Cheeky the Elf.  We have loved having him in the class.  As you can see, he has got up to a lot while staying with us.  He has now made his way back to the North Pole to tell Father Christmas all about the wonderfully caring children of Class 1 at St Mary's.  Travel safely Cheeky and we will see you again soon!

British Queen and King Day


We had a fantastic day celebrating the end of our topic of the history of the British royal family.  The children looked amazing in their outfits and had excellent facts about the British royals they had come as.  Each had their portrait taken on the red carpet, created 3 rules to govern the country, made coronation crowns and decorated their own biscuits to eat at a royal banquet.



In Art, we have been looking at creating pictures using collage.  We created collages of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation crown, which links to our Topic, studying British royalty. 

Children in Need


Thank you so much to all the children of Class 1 for supporting Children in Need by giving so generously.  Here are a few photos from the book, toy and cake sale.  Well done to Class 4 for all of their hard work in organising and running the day.

Number Bonds


In Maths today, we were looking at number bonds.  We discovered 9 different number bonds that make 8.  We also found out that the larger the number the more number bonds it has.

'Harvest Time' Song


Last week, we had a Harvest celebration led by Father Adam with Reception, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 in St Mary's Church.  Each class prepared an item to share.  We performed a Harvest song with actions.  As parents were not with us for the service, we thought we would share this video for you to enjoy.



We had lots of fun with a visiting Cricket coach today.  We learnt how to bowl a ball underarm and protect our wicket by batting the ball away.

Comparing Numbers


In Maths this week, we have been comparing two numbers and explaining if they are greater than, less than or equal to each other.  We also learnt that a crocodile always opens his mouth to the largest number.

Mr Johnson's 'Meet the Teacher'

Still image for this video
Recorded on Monday 20th September 2021.

Reading Buddies


We love reading and were really excited to meet and read with our new Reading Buddies from Year 5.  We are going to meet together every Friday to practice our reading and share our favourite stories.

Learning how to use Laptops


Today was the first day we used the school laptops to access the Purple mash website.  We were able to select an animal and use paint tools to colour it in.

Using Tens Frames


In Maths this week, we have been using tens frames to find number bonds to ten.

Read Write Inc – Reading at Home


Read Write Inc is the reading scheme we use at St Mary’s to teach your child how to read words and understand their meaning.


Your child will receive a new Read Write Inc Phonics book to read at home each Monday.  Please make sure your child returns this book the following Monday.


This is how we would like you to use the Phonics book in your daily reading with your child.

Day 1 and 2


  • Get your child to go through and decode each of the green and red words by sounding and blending.
  • Get your child to read through the story while you point to each of the words in turn.  The green and red words you have practiced will appear in the story.
  • If your child struggles with a word, help them to sound it out and blend it.

Day 3 and 4


  • Let your child read the story to you while they point to each word.
  • You are now building fluency of reading the text which is very important.  They should be sounding out less and becoming more confident with saying the words without decoding first.

Day 5 and 6


  • Let your child read the story to you while they point to each word.
  • Read the questions about the story to your child and discuss the answers together.  This is building reading comprehension – an understanding of the meaning of the text.

Reading – sounding out and blending


If you are unfamiliar with the terms sounding out and blending, here is a video from Read Write Inc explaining how they are used for reading unfamiliar words.

How to say each of the Set 1, 2 and 3 Sounds


Below is a video that goes through all of the Read Write Inc sounds your child will be learning in Year 1 to assist their reading.  It is very important that each of these sounds are learnt correctly.  

For more information about Read Write Inc, you can visit the Ruth Miskin website:


For more video tutorials, visit the Ruth Miskin Training YouTube channel:

Our First Day in Year 1


We have really enjoyed learning and playing together on our first day in Year 1.  Here are a few pictures of what we did today.