East Grinstead, West Sussex

Vision, Aims & Values

Our Vision

Our vision, aims and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

To inspire curious, resilient learners who are aspirational and flourish in the world God has given us.


Strategic Objectives

Our Christian Values shine through our School Family

We provide an excellent education that enables children to fulfil their potential and become life-long learners

We develop the whole child to become a positive and responsible member of our community


Values – Demonstrating God’s Love through…


Love, Hope, Service, Responsibility, Perseverance and Creativity


Our Values by Sophie, Jessica and Kaleem

I am Love

I am good

I am the value that makes you happy


I am Hope

I am strong

I am the value that strengthen your belief


I am Creativity

I am fun

I am the value that makes your mind run free


I am Service

I am kind

I am the value that helps your community


I am Responsibility

I am honest

I am the value that owns up to my mistakes


I am Perseverance

I am your growth mindset

I am the value that helps you to not give up

Creativity by Brooke, Lily and Lewys


C is for being creative!

R is for reading!

E is for excitement!

A is for amazing!

T is for teaching!

I is for ideas!

V is for voice!

I is for I can!

T is for talent!

Y is for ‘yes’!

Creativity by Elena, Cara, Gigi, Erin and Carys


As my Creativity starts to flow

My imagination starts to grow

Every night and every day

My ideas begin to play


As my eyes begin to see

 A whole new world of fantasy

I can see butterflies and bees

And finally I find my destiny


I am Creativity

Love by Rosie, Isla, Summer and Michaela


Love is patient

Love is kind

Love never quits

Love never dies

Love stays strong

Love stays true

And nothing can stop you

Just go with your heart and follow your path

Perseverance by Barnaby, Charlie, Dylan, Chris and Declan

Perseverance is not giving up

Perseverance is trying hard

You should always persevere

Your goal will always be quite near

Perseverance is not rough

Perseverance is so tough

Even in your deepest fear

You can always persevere

Perseverance is the key

All you need is to believe

You might be blocked but

you won’t be stopped


Perseverance is so strong

It will last for very long

Every obstacle that blocks

Every wall that stops

Perseverance will break through

Perseverance isn’t always bound

But it can always be found

Satisfaction NOT Guaranteed

You Are Unique! (Reception Display)

Leopards Can Change Their Spots (Reception Display)

Time is God's Gift (Reception Display)

Fishers of Men (Reception Display)

Harvest Festival (Reception Display)

Book Week - The Bible Best Seller (Reception Display)

Easter (Reception Display)

The Trinity (Reception Display)

After Christmas (Reception Display)