East Grinstead, West Sussex

Religious Education

Religious Education is an important subject at St Mary's. It is a core subject in our school curriculum and is taught in accordance with Understanding Christianity (2016). In order to allow the children to have the opportunity to explore deeper questions about life and to learn about Christianity alongside a wide range of other faiths and cultures it is placed in the Core part of our Teaching, Learning and Assessment model. Further to this, we allocate 10% curriculum time to the subject.


RE must focus mainly on Christianity (Two thirds of the RE curriculum), whilst taking into account of the other principal religions in Great Britain. We deliver the Understanding Christianity with support from the Chichester Diocesan and the Agreed RE syllabus (West Sussex) which includes aspects of Judaism, Islam and Hinduism appropriate to primary schools. We teach RE through an enquiry model, using Art, Dance, English, Drama, through visits and visitors.


The National Society has issued a statement for everyone to understand the children’s educational entitlement for high quality RE.



RE Policy and Curriculum Coverage

R.E. Lessons

Please see some examples of our R.E. learning in the slideshows below.

Pause Days

We have Pause days throughout the year based on our Values, different celebrations or stories from the Bible. Please see the photos below of some of our recent Pause Days.