East Grinstead, West Sussex

'Gold' Assembly Awards 2020/21


Friday 18th September 2020

Caitlin - For a wonderful description of her own fantasy setting using her senses.


Rosie - For drawing a detailed imaginary setting and being able to describe it using interesting adjectives.


Values - Sam - Service. Without being asked, Sam helped another child get changed for PE. A lovely example of kindness towards others.

Emerald-May did some fantastic learning about pictograms this week. She listened well and then applied her new learning to an independent task. She also challenged herself with a tricky reasoning problem.


Jack H has been making really good choices this week about how to be the best learner he can be. He has been trying hard to listen and have a go at his work. He has also been making very sensible choices about who to work with.


Values - Jack G - Depth of understanding and taking responsibility for his learning.

Class 3

James - Some lovely writing, giving examples of when he might need to ask for help.


Matilda - Fantastic code deciphering and teamwork during our stunning start of our topic.

Skyla - For having a super growth mindset and for not giving up in her Maths when she misunderstood. Instead she kept going and in the end was successful.


Adam - For working really hard and putting in lots of effort.


Values - Ava - Showing high aspirations and work ethic herself whilst also being a good learning partner.