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Eco News

Just One Tree


Just One Tree is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. They make it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis. Just £1 plants 1 Tree. 


They donate to established reforestation partners who concentrate their planting in areas severely affected by mass deforestation. In doing so they have the greatest positive effect on combatting global warming whilst simultaneously alleviating extreme poverty within impacted communities through training, education and employment.


On Friday 22nd November 2019, St Mary's joined Just One Tree in a nationwide non-uniform day to mark the start of National Tree Planting Week. Each child brought in a suggested donation of £1 to plant a tree and raised a total of £176.80. That's over 176 new trees that can be planted, thanks to our school.


Gardening Club Autumn 2017

We've been working hard in Gardening Club.  We've been learning how to take cuttings, plant spring bulbs, pot on plug plants and plant up herbaceous plants.


We've also tried some fresh mint tea but there's nothing that beats a hot chocolate when you're wet and cold!

Keen to be Green!
Year 5 and 6 look forward to starting this topic in January! We have an allotment visit, a bug hotel and a fashion show to look forward this space!

Planting vegetables and other photos 29/6/16

We've been busy preparing the beds and planting vegetable seeds today! 22/6/16.

Gardening Club - Summer Term Week: 2, 4/5/16

Gardening Club - Summer Term 27/4/16.

Adding compost.
We had to dig the compost lots today!
Planting flowers in our bright planters.
Firming in the plants and adding more compost.
Let's water the plants.
Watering fun!
Watering the plants in.
...and we've finished.



Today at Gardening Club we have...

  • Went through the rules about how to garden safely.
  • Weeded the tyres and dug them over ready for planting up next week.
  • Tidied away some plastic rubbish which has been left out in the garden from Storm Katie.
  • Added compost to the bright planters.
  • Planted the Lobelia flowers.
  • Planted up the Marigold seedlings which have grown. They are now in the planters.
  • Took photos whilst we did gardening outside.
  • After working hard we washed our hands and collected our things for home-time.

Eco News!


We are thinking about looking after our environment!

KS1 are composting their left-over fruit/vegetable snack peelings and the staff are saving their used teabags in the staffroom to be put on the compost heap!

Gardening Club at work...

Gardening Club 

Some members have been playing netball and were unable to make it this week and one member is away in France! Toby reports what has happened this week:


I have been busy today loosening the soil in the tyre planters so the rain gets to the soil underneath. I watered the plants and the seedlings in the tubs.

Gardening Club 24/2/16


Today we have been busy - we dug the soil over and added compost to it.

We used our own compost from the compost heap! Thank you worms!!!

We've planted French Dwarf Double Mixed Marigolds - for lots of colour!

mixed hardy annuals - yellow flowers for wildlife - these flowers are bee friendly and good for other wildlife as well!

Chrysanthemum Eastern Star flowers that are half hardy annuals - perfect nectar sources for bees and other wildlife.


Gardening Club 10/2/16.


We started by weeding the tyres and digging the earth over.

Then we put the plant waste onto the compost heap.

We loosened the ground in the log area and then we added some bark chippings to this habitat.

We dug the raised beds so that they are ready for the new seeds and plants that we will plant after half term.

Finally we watered the seedlings that we planted last week. 

Some of the seedlings have already started to grow!

We washed out hands and got ready for hometime.



Gardening Club News!  


This week we have planted some Narcissus bulbs – daffodils (miniature mixed). Next week we will be thinking about what to plant in the recycled tyres and planting some seeds!